17 veteran pax gathered on the front lawn of Mendenhall Middle School for the 3rd episode of Rainbow Dash. With no FNG’s a very brief intro was given and the mosey began to the back fields. We mosey all the way to the top fields with a great sunrise view for a-

Warm a rama


Chinooks IC X 15 one way, 15 other way

WIndmills IC (slow count) X 15

Cherry Pickers IC X 15

Wojo Squat IC X 15

After warming up its a short mosey back down the hill to the football field with track around it for the


The Q promised what lacks in variety will make up for in toughness. Simple yet miserable went like this-

Partner up with a partner of similar speed (size wont matter) for the Dash 100 you will need to encourage each other and someone to suffer with.

We start on the baseline or end zone. Run 100 yards to the other end zone and perform 10 burpees each. Then Run 100 yards back and 10 more etc (rinse and repeat) for a total of 10 – 100 yard runs and 100 burpees each or 200 for group. When the partners finish they begin taking a lap and encouraging the six.

The pax crushed the Rainbow Dash 100 in only 25 minutes leaving plenty of time to-

Run to the rock pile and select a rock of approx. 10-15 lbs or 3 lbs if you are a Carolina D1 stud ? (more in the mole skin about Birds Nest and Mitt’s choice of rock).

Back to the football sideline and stay with partners. With rock partner A does a exercise while Partner B runs.

A- Over head press while B runs across field and crests hill and does 5 squats- Flap Jack

A- Curls while B runs across field and crests hill and does 5 squats- Flap Jack

A- Goblet squat wile B runs across field crests hill and does 5 double wides Flap Jack X 2

Rocks back in the pile exactly where you found it and mosey to half wall by school house.

Keep partner and A does 10 dips/ 10 box jumps/10 derkins (rinse repeat) until B returns from a lap around one side of school.

X 2 reps each

100 WW2 sit ups cumulative. A does sit ups while B runs down the side walk and up the steps. Flap Jack until 100 cumulative is complete.

Squat pyramid 5 squats and hold in the down position (catcher position per Mitt) one of the pax does a 5 count, 5 hold, 10 hold, 15 hold, 10 hold, 5 hold

Recover with a walk/ slow mosey to the shovel flag for –



Dancing Chilcut by Man Eater


American Hammer IC X 20 by The Sensation

COT- Birds Nest redeems himself from the rock selection with a great prayer asking Him to strengthen our mind as well as body and a resolve to trust in him during good times and bad.


  • Butt Fumble- March 19 Community Housing Solutions work day. 13-14 are signed up and need to get to around 20. Project to be announced soon. Stinky Cheese has workday in Mayodan on the 12th. Check the service email or contact Butt Fumble or Stinky Cheese for more info on these service opportunity’s. T-Claps to these guys for bringing these great ways to serve others to the pax.
  • I- Beam on the Q at Latham Grinder. Bodett on Q at Circle Time
  • Quicken- this Friday is Uptown Funk’s one year anniversary. Chance or Bruno Mars showing and other special treats. Have to come to find out. Plan on allowing a full hour for this to go to 6:30 this Friday.


-T-Claps to Butt Fumble after realizing the Q didn’t show with a flag. He must live around the corner for a two minute turn around time on the flag retrieval. Later to find there was three other flags in the pax vehicles. Still a good exercise to know how quick we can get there and back if needed!

-Great having THE Sensation back home visiting from F3 Morehead. I think he is the first to post in another city and fly the baby blue shirt colors. He represented MHC well and pushed the Q hard! There was some shirt envy from the Natville pax and some trying to add THE to their name in Name o rama . The Sugar Cake and The Man Eater just don’t have the right ring. Sorry guys, modification denied…

-Quicken and some of the pax were questioning the Q’s sanity after hearing the directions for the “100” but the men put there heads down and went to work. This was a tough routine and YHC was impressed with the grit of the pax for getting through it and at a pretty fast pace. about 25 min ?

-Perhaps the most controversial moment of the #beatdown came with Bird’s Nest choice of stone for he and Big Mitt to work with. Maybe he thought we were going to throw it for distance and was a strategic move, but only he will know the reasoning for why two of  Natville’s best athletes would be working with a 3 lb pebble. Lots of #mumblechatter ensued from this..

Its always an honor and a blessing for me to lead the pax and I am grateful for the opportunity.



PAX: Gilligan

QIC: 04/05/16