4 pax, including a FNG, gathered on yet another cold morning to learn about rucking and share in teamwork and fellowship. This AO is in its 2nd launch week, and YHC was pleased to have 3 newbies show up to see what rucking is about. Everyone had 20lb on their back as we hit the:


Slow mosy to the lacrosse field

15 mountain climbers IC

12 Squat IC

10 Merkin IC

12 Hillbillies IC

5 8-Count Body Builders IC

We then went straight into the THANG:

bear crawl 20 yds and back

crab walk 20 yards and back

Now You See Me called by YHC for 50 yards and back

Tunnel of Love 2x

This was a great introduction to the rucking execerises for the PAX. We skipped the partner carry for this week and went into the MISSION:

The PAX hit the trail to the Marina. We spotted a beautiful spotted owl on the way in. This got YHC off track and missed the turn, so we went off trail to get back on track. We went to the marina where our coupon remained by the water. We collected the coupon, a very large tree which 10 pax carried down last week. 4 PAX carried it back up to the entrance to the Nat Greene trail for next week’s mission. We had more time, so we hiked up Nat Greene to a bench where we stopped and did 10 dips OYO. We then returned to the shovel flag. But before that, Hoser demonstrated how a fireman gets up and down the pole with a pack on. Impressive. We were a few minutes over time, so we omahaed the MARY.

COT: Hoser took us out. Nice job!


1)Welcome FNG-Mongoose, Wait Time’s step-father. He is an honorable man, and it was a privilege to meet him. It is a special time when you can post with your family. #ISI

2)Speaking of #ISI, this AO combines the 1st F and 2nd F perfectly. This is a great work out for core and strength. At the same time, you have an opporunity to talk to your brothers and enjoy the trail at the same time. YHC encourages all PAX to give it a try.

It was an honor to lead.



PAX: Matlock

QIC: 03/05/2016