Awesome job this morning!  24 Pax.  Sorry to disappoint on the doughnuts.  Liked the Mosey idea to Krispy Kreme and back.  That would be have been fun but not as much fun as the other stuff.  One visiting FNG from Reno, NV – New F3 name Bunny Ranch

Thank you Sacked for the opportunity and for Wicked’s help on the MH and 6 MOM.  Good seeing Help Me back in the mix.

Went down something like this:

Mosey to Parking Lot at Church on Battleground.  Wojo with back to Battleground (will come into play later)

Warm O Rama

SSH x 25 IC

Half SSH x 25 IC

Windmill x 20 IC – Slow start


Plank Position – Merkin x 10 IC, Diamond Merkin x 10 IC, Wide Merkin x 10 IC

Imperial Walker x 25 IC


Wicked took control and did Monkey Humpers to 25 IC.  Wojo got a couple of honks from traffic on Battleground.  Must have been his good form.

Mosey to the picnic table area for 20 step ups each leg, 20 Derkins, 20 Urkins, 30 dips, then Balls to the wall with Wicked 30 count.

Head to baseball field for Partner Work – Person to your left is your partner.

Blue Cones and Orange Cones arranged around baseball field.  New game called Merkin, Crab, Bear, & Squat.  Clockwise or counterclockwise.  Whatever works.

Orange Cone – 20 squats and Blue Cone 20 pushups – 10 blue cones and 10 orange cones

Next game – Partner A to grab block and does exercises while partner B run to fence and back, Rinse and Repeat

Overhead press

Jack Webb


Tricep Extension

Squat with Block

Bent Row

Hold Block Overhead

Clean and Press

Situp with Block


Sprints (4 lines) – down and back from yellow cone.  Bedbug did a reverse burpee on one round.  Awesome work

6 MOM – Wicked combo – Flutter kicks x 15, Low Dolly x 15 IC, Marge/homer x 15, 6 inches, and maybe some other stuff (awesome work), American Hammer x 25 IC


See Butt Fumbles weekly email.  – Shoe Drive, Work days

Wojo mentioned W-S event next weekend – 4 hour event, etc.  Going to be awesome!

Bodett circle time on Monday for 40th Bday party.  We need 40 guys out there to celebrate.


PAX: Wilson

QIC: 03/05/16