Ten Natville faithful, one 2.0 FNG and YHC got out in the gloom to run some barrel bases and #getbetter.  Here’s how it went:

Warm a Rama – Part One

SSH x ?? IC as Amphibious rolled in hot with an iced-over windshield

Windmills x 15 IC

Monkeyhumpers x 20 IC

Mosey to Potties, Dips x 20 IC

Stepups x 10 each leg OYO

Derkins x 10 IC

Mosey to Big Lot where Gunny had graciously set up cones and barrels in a diamond(ish) formation ala baseball bases

Warm a Rama – Part Two

After a premature count-off by YHC, we did some decending Jacob’s Ladder sprints starting at Home Base

Seven Merkins, run to 2nd, one Burpee, run back to Home

Six Merkins, run to 2nd, one Burpee, run back to Home (rinse & repeat to one Merkin)

The PAX were sufficiently warm by this time

The Thang – Part One

Splitting into the aforementioned groups, each group rolled two dice – green for the count, white for the exercise. Exercises were then performed at all four bases before dice were rolled again.

1=Burpee, 2=Jack Webb, 3=Turkish Getup, 4=Crab Cakes (double count), 5=Body Builders, 6=Crucible Merkins (IC)

Everyone seemed to have a great time with this. Then YHC noticed that Group Two was not rolling the dice, but instead picking which exercises they wanted to do. Boo.

The Thang – Part Two

There was enough mumble chatter coming out of Group Three that it was clear they wanted more work.  So, we turned the page over and found three stations of exercises where the PAX did 20 counts of each before moving to the next station.

  1. Merkins, Jack Webbs, Carolina Dry Docks
  2. LBCs, Crunchy Frogs, Low Slow Flutter
  3. Goblet Squats, Lt Dans, People’s Chair

Indian Run (more or less) back to the basketball court for some Mary.


In rapid fire cadence, PAX completed most or all of the following:

LBC, Low Dolly, High Dolly, Low Slow Flutter, Freddy Mercury, then plank, 6 inches for a Crayola-led 10 count (more or less), then elbow plank for a Vader-led quick 10 count.

Wrapped it up with American Hammer x 20 IC

Gunny called 5 #extracredit Burpees OYO while YHC got the tape recorder.


  • Arise AO was planned to be launched this coming Tuesday, but may be delayed due to a plumbing problem at Grace UMC that is forcing the breakfast for homeless to be moved for one week.  Keep an eye out for more informaiton
  • Please see previous emails about the work day that Stinky Cheese is organizing for the single mom in need.
  • Keep your eye out for more information about the Community Housing Solutions workday being planned by YHC and Butt Fumble for 3/19. Need a strong showing.
  • Dad workday at Kiser Middle School today and in the future, to meet needs that the school has

YHC took us out.  As always, it was an honor and a privilege.

PAX: Nancy

QIC: 03/05/16