The time for talking is over. In just over 24 hours, we’ll all find what the hubbub is all about when the doors open at the Fillmore at 7pm on Saturday. Does Flay really perform a shirtless Macarena? Will OBT and Dredd perform a live tribute to their 2012 cadence video?  Will Longbottom make wild claims that Greenville invented the mountains? Are some 15% of F3 Men afraid to come because there might be women there? You’ll have to post to find out. Here are 3 things you need to know:

  1.  Print your ticket and bring it with you, or show the bar code on your phone. Hillary is so old that he prints all of his emails out, so if you need help call him for instructions.
  2. North Carolinans can wear whatever color of blue gets them excited; the Duke-UNC game will be on. Kickin’ Chicken will lead a breakout group of South Carolinans on football recruiting.
  3. Look at the map below for parking. Better yet, take an Uber.


PAX: Everyone

QIC: Dredd and OBT