Stampeder’s gathered 13 strong this morning for a chilly run #beatdown from YHC’s VQ.  After a brief question regarding FNGs (1 spotted – FNG – Scotty Wannamaker) to the Pax, and a disclaimer about the lack of YHC’s sleep and expert fitness, we went into the warm a rama:

Warm a Rama:


Imperial Walkers X 20 IC

Monkey Humpers X 20 IC


Sorta mosey to the path that starts the trek around the perimeter of Lindley Park.

The Thang:


The perimeter of Lindley park path is 0.5 miles in length, so it seemed like a perfect fit for a circuit repeat workout. Pax were instructed of the route, and the pace at which they needed to pace themselves. #fastasyoucanrunhalfamile.

3 x 0.5 mile runs with planking/active recovery to the six. 5 minute average per clip. Pretty strong effort from the Pax.

After completing the first three repeats, YHC bumped up the distance and route. Starting on Starmount Drive next to the basketball court, Pax were instructed to run to where Starmount Drive connects with Market Street, make a left and circle back to Lindley Park. Again, #asfastasyoucanrunthreequartermile

2 x 0.75 mile runs with planking/active recovery to the six.

We were almost out of time, so we circled back to the basketball court for 6MOM.


LBC’s x 25 IC

LSF x 25 IC

Low Dollies x 20 IC

American Hammer X 20 IC

#significantmumblechatter that YHC tried his best to fend off.


Nancy mentioned the #solecrusher, but he actually started with Saturday, Inside Voices because its earlier and people are punks for sleeping in late (#directquote).  He did refuse to tell us where the Sole Crusher was located, not behind a dumpster. Every Sunday morning 6:30 at Tex and Shirley’s parking lot.

Sir Charles’s Mom had a successful surgery, but keep her in your thoughts as she waits on pathology.

Cheesy Poof is covered through March for Q’s at Starmount Stampede, but if anyone wants to step up in April, it would be greatly appreciated.

Great Job by FNG – Scotty aka “Magic” — don’t tell us your a celtics fan. #Larrybirdisbasketballjesus #famouslastwords.

Maneater took us out with the COT

It was an honor to break in the VQ with you all.



PAX: Nancy, Cheesy Poof, Maneater, Boatshow, Hozer, ReFi, Lynda, Cummings, 3for1, Sir Charles, FNG – Scotty Wannamaker – “Magic”, Phoenix, UGA