The warning went out on Twitter that the beatdown would be leg intensive with little running involved. That tweet did not scare 14 of Natville’s finest from enjoying a great well rounded Leg-A-Rama through the parking deck.


Mosey to Governmental Plaza

  • SSH X 20
  • Smurf Jacks X 15 IC
  • Ranger Merkins X 15 IC
  • Lunge Gods X 10 forwards/backwards
  • Monkey Humpers x 15 IC

Thang I

Partner up – similar size

  • Partner A does Reverse Crunch on big ol’ slab of concrete X 20
  • Partner B does Step Ups – Flapjack
  • PAX mosey to the vertical concrete wall for old fashioned Wall Sits – 2 minutes – mix it up with chinooks, knee raises and alternate each leg out while staying in chair position

Thang II

Mosey to Double Helix Parking Deck (Greene St Parking Deck) – The pax are introduced to a plethora of stair exercises to be completed throughout their climb to the top of the deck.

  • Long Strides – multiple stairs at a time
  • Deep squats per stair (using hand rail)
  • Calf Raises
  • Wide Stance climb
  • Crouched walk climb
  • Plank at top until 6 is in

Thang III

Mosey back to fourth floor of deck

Partner A performs the exercises while Partner B Runs to the end and back- Flapjack

  • Flutter Kicks
  • Scorpion Dry Docks
  • Lunge w/Twist
  • Dive Bombers
  • Gorilla Squats

Thang IV

Burpee Star – Pax instructed to spread out to one of the five cones. The goal was to perform exercise at each station moving in clockwise rotation with 3 burpees in the center as they move to next station – only one round completed

  • Crunchy Frog X 20
  • Wojo Squats X 20
  • Hand Release Merkins X 20
  • Squat Thrust X 20
  • Freddie Mercury X 20
  • Mosey back to Governmental Plaza traversing every stairway possible


  • Over/Under X 20 IC
  • Creepy Crawleys X 15 IC
  • American Hammer X 30 IC

COT – HazMat took us out


  • Woody encouraged the men to support Fenceline AO on Tuesdays at Irving Park Elementary
  • Daisy mentioned a veteran that trains service dogs and he needs help building a fence to be in compliance with county code – more information to come
  • Multiple Service projects coming up soon, please read weekly emails from Eric Hecht and sign up
  • Faulkner raising money for summer mission trip

PAX: HazMat, Hermie, I-Beam, Faulkner, Jordache, Secretary, Cavity, Woody, Drysdale, Daisy, Chaps, Mayor, LYnda (Q)

QIC: LYnda