5 of Summerfield’s finest, including 1 from nearby K-Vegas descended upon the Sad Clown Killer today.  Temperatures were slightly down in the gloom this am, so YHC felt an obligation to the Pax to help warm them up.  Today was YHC’s third Q in a row.  What was he thinking?  #ambitious.  It went something like this:


Warm a  Rama:


Imperial Walkers X  25 IC

Sungods X 20 IC

Short mosey down the trail to the dam.

The Thang part I:

Partner up, mosey to bottom of hill, perform 10 Merkins. Bear Crawl back up hill. Partner performs LBC’s at top of the hill then switch. Each partner makes 5 trips up the hill.  Due to the tight cohesion and number of Pax, it was decided to scrap partnering up….for now.  So, down the hill we go; 10 Merkins at the bottom, bear crawl up. Rinse and repeat 5 times as a team.  Pax planked while the Six made their way up.

Short mosey to the back of the park where the amphitheater is located.

The Thang part II:

Partner up. Partner carry around the inside perimeter 1/2 round of amphitheater. Switch carry at other side.  Modify if needed. YHC wanted to ensure the Pax were sufficiently warmed up, as if the bear crawls uphill weren’t enough….

Sad Clown Killer is not complete without #stationwork.  Four stations situated around amphitheater, then mosey to bridge in between stations.  YHC believes one can never have enough cardio. #solecrusher. #shamelessplug. (even though YHC has yet to be in attendance.) Pax resumed back as a crew of 5 to knock out stations.

Station 1:

Dips X 40

Step ups X 25 each leg

Chinooks X 40

Station 2:

Makhtar N’ Diayes X 20

Reverse Crunch X 40

Hillbillies X 30

Station 3:

Carolina Dry Docks X 30

Box Cutter X 20

Captain Thor X 20 (Sit up with 4 American Hammers = 1).  #newfavorite #crowdpleaser (It had Captain in the name, so YHC thought it was cool.)

Station 4:

Crunchy Frogs X 30

Low Dolly X 30

San Antonio Shuffle X 10.  Omaha was called after 5 due to Mary.

Short mosey back to shovel flag for Mary.


Freddy Mercury X 25 IC

Low Slow Flutter X 25 IC

LBC’s X 25 IC

American Hammer X 25 IC


Double Check is planning to launch a bible study after Oak Ridge on Tuesdays.

Please pray for Long Time’s M as she is dealing with heart issues, a pre-existing condition before her pregnancy.  Baby is doing well, hopefully mother’s heart issue will be resolved/healed soon.

Kryptonite’s M has hopefully had her baby. No news from Kryptonite, Pax was curious, as he didn’t post earlier in the week .

2nd F at Green Joe’s. Long Time site Q.


YHC took us out.

Pax, thank you for letting YHC Q once again.  He looks forward to another opportunity, as being Q is part of taking your #dailyredpill.





PAX: Stubing

QIC: 03/03/16