Men of the gloom, my apologies for keeping you all overtime this morning, I must say I was excited to be back in the gloom for the first time in two weeks and I was overzealous to say the least! On the flip side, what a STRONG performance by the 9 Pax that took the challenge today! Murph (Lt. Michael P Murphy – Seal Team 1 Leader) would’ve been proud of our efforts….. In life we will face extreme challenges of all kinds, both physical, social, emotional and even spiritual, and these times call for uncommon strength and power, today we took another step in the right direction as men who are reinvigorated leaders in our community! Glad to be back in the gloom and as we head into the spring weather, I look forward to what we can accomplish together, keep coming, here is what we accomplished today!


2.4 miles of running beginning with a 0.5 mile warm up.

100 pull-ups, 200 Merkins, 300 Squats, 600 core reps, 5 minutes of balls on the walls!

Spread the word, The “Murph” is going rogue this spring, bringing the heat for all those who seek a challenge.

Reminder- The pain you feel in the shoulder blades tomorrow is normal and will be a sign that we are getting stronger, therefore, embrace it and look forward to next week!

Aye – Wicked


PAX: Wicked

QIC: 3/03/16