21 Greensboro natives rolled out of a warm sack to seek an adventure at the newest neighborhood AO.  So many AO’s so little time to crush them all.  It was a beautiful way to start the day so being in familiar territory we opted to leave our weapons in our cars and get to it.  This is how the Rainbow Dash went down: O’ wait is that Surge coming in hot with the F3 flag!!!!! Was there a Pot O Gold at the end of this Rainbow??

Mosey:  We thought it fitting to go on a short mosey around the entire perimeter of the AO to show all the men what it had to offer.  Future Q’s pay attention.  We ended in the courtyard by the gym for the……

Warm O Rama:

SSH x 25 then 5 Burpees

IW x 25 then 5 Burpees

Squat x 20 then 5 Burpees

Lunge Gods x 20 then 5 Burpees

Happy Feet into Burpees x 5 (Do I hear mumblechatter)

The Thang (Part I):

Breaking up in three teams we split up and proceeded to complete an 8 Station rotation twice

Derkins x 20

StepUps x 15 (per leg)

Dips x 20

Wall Squats x 20

CCD x 20

LBC’s x 20

Shoulder Tap Merkins x 15

Leg Up Toe Touches x 20 (Turned into Dying Cockroach!!)

Rinse and Repeat and Plank on the Six………………….

Mosey: to the track and football field

The Thang Part II:

Partner up for the BOMBS : Partner A does BOMBS exercise while Partner B runs to the cones, up the hill, down the hill, and then back to relieve partner

B – Burpee

O – Overhead Claps in Squat position

M – Merkins

B – Boxcutters

S – Squat Jumps

Run lap around track until Six gets in

Where’s JLove running off too? Workout must have gotten to tough for him!!!!!!!!!!

3/6/9/12 – Breaking up in original three groups

Each group goes around the track together and each team calls there own exercise at 3/6/9 and 12 oclock spots on the track.  Finish one rotation and plank on the Six.

Mosey: Back to Shovel Flag


Dying Cockroach x 20

Low Dolley x 20

x’s and o’s x 20

American Hammer x 15

Low Slow Flutter x 20

COT: Butt Fumble


Pray for Kevin and Keith who lost their father from a heart attack

It was an honor men to lead with you at the first Rainbow Dash workout. Great work put in by all men.  #ironsharpensiron




QIC: 02/20/2016