Today was a special day at Cadet Lab in Oak Ridge. For the first time in quite a while, there was no ice or rain for a change. #morepaxshowupingoodweather. 13 fearless Pax made an excellent showing this morning at Stubing’s VQ. #Gooddecisionnottofartsack.

Warm a Rama

After a quick welcome and size up from YHC, Pax moseyed to the picnic tables for some dips. 20 dips IC were called, with an additional mosey around the fields upon completion. Once at the concession house, the remainder of the warm up resumed once the #Six was in. SSH x 25 IC Monkey Humpers x 25 IC Sobriety style Sungods 15 IC fwd and reverse. #crowdpleaser

The Thang:

While recovering from the warm a rama, partner up in groups of 2 for partner carry. #sizematters. Pax were then instructed to partner carry from concession house to parking lot and back…… and back again. 3 trips total, with a reprieve ½ way down to switch. #tocarryorbecarriedthatisthequestion. Light #mumblechatter ensued. YHC is not sure of the distance carried…Partner carry does not involve the #fern. Pain is good. Once three trips were made on the partner carry, Pax were to follow a 4 station workout targeting (hopefully) upper/lower/core/legs. All exercises were to be single count, per individual. YHC left out this vital information as it was his VQ. #spiritsarerunninghigh. It went like this:

Station 1: 30 Knerkins, 50 WOJO Squats, 100 LBC’s, 50 Low Slow Flutters. Lunge to Station 2, approx. 40 yards.

Station 2: 30 Carolina Dry Docks, 25 Crunchy Frogs, 40 Prisoner Get Ups #crowdpleaser, 20 Crab Cakes.

Mosey to Station 3, approx. 40 yards. Station 3: 10 Burpees, 40 Imperial Walkers, 50 Plank Jacks, 40 Copperhead Squats. Bear Crawl to Station 4, approx. 40 yards. Station 4: People’s Chair while performing 40 Sungods each way 25 Shoulder Tap Merkins, 20 Supermans, 20 WWI situps. Mosey around lot back to Station 1. It is at this point, YHC noticed 2 Sugar Rays going to the far end of the lot and back. #extracredit. #stopatthecone. All Pax made it around back to Station 2 for round 2. Time was called with a short mosey for Mary. Noticing most Pax could use a breath, Udders gave us a 10(?) count to catch a breath.


Freddy Mercurys x 20 IC

Rosalita x 20 IC

American Hammer x 25 IC

Udders took us out. Thanks Udders!


Kay’s mother in law: Cancer surgery is covered financially, previously did not have the means. #Godisgood.

Doublecheck announced a possible new 3rdF in Oak Ridge after Cadet Lab workout. Contact Doublecheck or Heisenberg if interested in new 3rdF.

Bodett reminded Pax that attending a workout is not a prerequisite to attend a 3rdF. #Starsky. YHC respectfully disagrees (with a smile), #wakeupearlyforyourdailyredpill before 3rdF.

Heisenberg reminded Pax that Cadet Lab schedule is open after next week, encouraging Qs or VQs to come out. Cadet Lab is an excellent AO with endless opportunities for a beat down. The Real Toto volunteered for next week. Thanks brother.

It is an honor to be a part of F3 as a Pax, even more so with the privilege to be Q. #humility.


PAX: Bodett, Double Check, Kay, Ashley Dr. Evil, Cube, EPA, Udders, The Real Toto, Heisenberg, Nails, Phoenix, Stubing (VQ)

QIC: Stubing (VQ)