Slammin’ Sammys hosted 20 veteran Pax today for a classic style #beatdown from YHC.  After a brief question regarding FNGs to the Pax, YHC wasted no time and began the Warm a Rama. The Pax were anxious to see what lied ahead from the recent Q school graduate.

Warm a Rama went down like this:

10 Burpees OYO


Monkey Humpers X 20 IC

Mosey to shelter for Dips X 20 IC

At some point during the Warm a Rama, YHC was called out for improper commands after ‘”starting position move, in cadence”….”Begin”…YHC duly noted that the proper call is “EXCERCISE!”, not “Begin”.  Duly noted, thank you Nancy.  #nervousaroundseniorpax

After dips, a mosey to the hill near the back parking lot was in order, while navigating around a puddle or two.  (Its only water.)  Once at the base of horrible hill, 3 Burpees were called while the Six rolled in.  There was #mumblechatter about 5 burpees instead of 3.  YHC knew what lied ahead, and stopped after 3.  #listentotheQ

The Thang:

Find a partner of similar size, because #sizematters. Partner carry up hill, both Pax perform 3 burpees.  Mosey back to cones at base of hill, 3 more burpees await. Switch. Each Pax to carry partner up hill 6 times.  OMAHA was called after 3 each, due to brutality of the horrible hill.  Upon finishing some hill work, short mosey to the parking lot for some station work.  4 stations await, Pax advised to start at any station and rotate accordingly. Single count per Pax.  Each station provided their own set of #hate.

Station 1:

40 Prisoner Get Ups

100 LBC’s

30 Groiners

10 Burpees

Bear Crawl to Station 2

Station 2

20 Crab Cakes

50 Wojo Squats

25 Shoulder Tap Merkins

10 Burpees

Lunges to Station 3

Station 3

40 Imperial Walkers

40 Dying Cockroaches

30 Crunchy Frogs

10 Burpees

Bear Crawl to Station 4

Station 4

People’s Chair while performing 50 Sungods in each direction

30 Carolina Dry Docks

40 Copperhead Squats

10 Burpees

Jump Squat to Station 1

Time was called, and Pax carried their arms high in hallelujah fashion back to the basketball court for Mary. #itburns.


Freddy Mercury X 25 IC

Cumberland County Viaduct X 10 IC each side

Low  Dolly X 30 IC

American Hammer X 30 IC

5 Burpees for Beaver, since  YHC was a substitute today.



Nancy mentioned the #solecrusher, every Sunday morning at Tex and Shirley’s parking lot.  In addition, Grace United Methodist (downtown) has a Wednesday night dinner that cannot be beat for the cost.

Amphibious will be launching a new AO at Grace United beginning next Tuesday. Boot Camp style workout with a small service project at the church following the #beatdown.  YHC had a technical SNAFU with his recording device, and is unable to retrieve the rest of the announcements. #sometimestechnologysucks.

Pax did an outstanding job today, as most made it through all 4 stations before time was called.  Thanks to all who previously stepped up before YHC as Q.  You have set a high bar to maintain. It was an honor.




PAX: Stubing

QIC: 03/02/16