14 strong PAX including YHC took on ShakeWeight with a vengeance this morning. Great to have Hot Cocoa from Asheville posting with us. With no FNG’s and everyone set and ready at 5:30 a.m. sharp we got down to it:

Mosey to far parking lot wall (touch the wall) and back to the weight circle.


  • Sun Gods X 15 each direction
  • Don Quixote  X 15
  • String Ripper X 15 (credit Bodett- tks)
  • Lucky 7”s Diamond/Merkin/Werkin X 7 each


Focus this morning was to work each muscle group. Worked to a slower, controlled count to allow for good form and isolation on the muscle or muscles being used. Short recovery period after each set, but PAX kept the workout moving along.

  • BICEP CURL            X 12 ea Arm (4 Sets)  = 96 curls
  • LATERAL RAISE      X 12 ea Arm (4 Sets)  = 96 Lat raise
  • WW 1 Sit-up              X 20 (3 Sets) = 60
  • TRICEP KICKBACK  X 12 ea Arm (4 Sets) = 96 Tricep
  • BENT OVER ROW   X 12 ea Arm (4 Sets) = 96 Rows
  • AIR SQUAT               X 25 (2 Sets) = 50 Squats
  • V CORE PRESS       X 20 (3 Sets) = 60 V Core press
  • SHOULDER PRESS X 12 ea Arm (1 Sets) = 12 press

We made it through the full workout list, but had to go to 1 set on Shoulder Press due to time running tight.


  • Cindy Crawford’s X 15 each side
  • American Hammer X 10


  1. March 12 – Stinky Cheese working on  Shelly’s Project.  She is a single Mom that needs our help.  Looking for volunteers to do some home repairs, Landscaping, pressure wash, Paint, Caulk, etc.…Please help by volunteering or donating (money, plants, paint, caulk)  so far Norwood and Phoenix have stepped up.  Really needs more support for this to be impactful.  contact Stinky Cheese or go to Sign up Genius and sign up…. https://t.co/gWJnr1JYZT?ssr=true
  2. March 12 – Wojo if you aren’t doing the above project.  Consider the Winston Salem Megladon.  Greensboro Pax have been asked to run a pain station.  This is a 8 mile run with 5 pain stations.  Contact Wojo if interested so he can plan accordingly.
  3. March 19 – Shoe Donations… Wojo spoke with Fleet Feet and they really need kids shoes.  Bring to any workout and Q can get them to either Wojo or Stinky Cheese.
  4. March  19 – Community Housing Solutions work day headed by Butt Fumble and Nancy. This will be the first of 4 committed work days. Please consider this worthy cause and sign up with Butt Fumble or Nancy.
  5. April 23 – Launch support for Roanoke.  Chips is the Plant Q.  Could be a opportunity for road trip and overnight at Smith Mountain Lake.  Email Chips at barrett.plasman@gmail.com if you can help support this launch.


  • Congrats Schnitzel on your first post as a member of the RESPECT Club. Looking younger every post.
  • Great having Hot Cocoa visiting from F3 Asheville. Glad you joined us and come back again.
  • Thanks Wojo, Hazmat, Brown Noser, and missed one more for the 10 count support
  • Lot of mumble chatter going on with BF and Daphne – something about loose fit shirts at start of workout were now fitting like compression shirts. Tossing the 40lbers around………maybe. Good work men.
  • TPS not messing around this morning –  on bent row grabbed his heavy sandbag and went to work. Good stuff!
  • Boones Farm getting stronger every day – keep pushing the PAX to get stronger. TClaps
  • Missing our main leader Wilson this morning. Not the same without you brother.

COT – Boy Wonder got us right for the rest of the day with a moving prayer to close us out.

Great seeing all of you guys this morning and thanks for bringing the effort and pushing YHC to get stronger.

Aye, Sacked

PAX: Sacked

QIC: 03/01/16