Leap Day starts with a review of parking spaces!

17 PAX gathered in the gloom of the Quaker Crater AO and started with a mosey to the BB Court Where we…

Side Straddle Hops – 25, Sun Gods – 15 each direction, Imperial Walkers – 25, Hill Billys – 25, Mosey to the parking lot where we…

6 Groups of 10 spaces provided  60 lines upper body and 60 spaces lower body including…

30 Merkins/ 30Squats, 30 Dry Docks/30 lunges per leg, 30 shoulder taps/ 30 crab cakes per leg, 30 Derkins/ 10 Bunny hops, 30 Merkin Jacks/ 30 Wojo Squats, 30 curb dips/ 30 jump squats.

After each section, the PAX demanded 5 burpees for a total of 35.  The Q was happy to oblige!!

Indian Run to Mary! where we…

25 LBC

25 flutter kicks

25 low dollys

20 American Hammers

YHC took us out with a Ball of Man.

It was an honor to serve as your Q!! – Stretch.

May Heart Association walk for QC is lead by Snookie.  Contact him if you are interested in walking or contributing.

F3’s own Pat Tillman (Gunny) is running for School Board.





PAX: Stretch

QIC: 02-29-16