9 PAX including 1 FNG gathered in some perfect F3 weather (wait isn’t all weather perfect F3 weather?) for some running, lifting, and more running. It might be a little fuzzy from all that running but I think it went something like this:

After partnering up, with one group of three leftover, one person from each group grabbed a cinder block and we moseyed to the field in the front of the school to drop off the blocks. Q couldn’t end the mosey that quickly so we turned around and moseyed back around the school to the soccer field.


Since Prophet dedicated a workout to the Panthers, Q decided to have a warm up for the Broncos (the CHAMPS). We only went through the preseason (we’ll save the rest for later).

Week 1: Win vs Seattle

22 Side Straddle Hops

20 Sun gods (10 each direction)

Week 2: Win vs Houston

14 Air Claps

10 Prayer Squats

Week 3: Win vs San Fran

19 Windmills

12 Copperhead squats

Week 4: Loss vs Arizona

22 Squats (Ran out of ideas)

20 Hillbillies


The Thang:

The Thang had 2 parts.

Part 1 had the Pax mosey to the library and do a little 11th Heaven. Start with 10 dips at the fountain and run up the stairs and do 1 merkin at the top. Then 9 dips and 2 merkins. Keep going until you do 1 dip and 10 merkins.

Part 2 had the Pax mosey back to their blocks (and I bet you thought I forgot about those). The Pax got back with their groups and divided up at each station.

Station 1: Kettle bell swings with your block

Station 2: Step ups with your block

Station 3: Merkins or Derkins

Station 4: Overhead press with your block

Station 5: Squats with your block (and if you were feeling it, hold the block over your head.)

One partner stayed and worked at the station while the other ran back to the library and did 10 dips and ran back to switch with their partner. We worked at each station for about 2 minutes and were able to get through 3 stations before heading back to the shovel flag.


20 LBC’s

20 Lo Slo Flutters

20 American Hammers

COT: Bo Knows took us out in prayer.


  • New J-Town AO – Life Community Church – Coming Soon!
  • Fletch’s daughter is selling pine straw to raise money for a trip to Sweden.
    • If you want to order, call or text 336-403-3352 for more info
    • You can also email Kendall.may39@gmail.com
  • Potent Potables – Wednesdays – 2nd F

PAX: Prophet, Drysedale, Chisel, Fletch, Bo Knows, FNG- Rubble (RJ Dawson), Hollywood, Gold Digger, Elroy

QIC: Elroy