10 regular PAX and one new FNG celebrated the Wahoos ACC victory in Charlottesville over the Heels.  YHC tried to be nice to the Heels fans as it was a really good game….plus paybacks always come around in the ACC and possibly NCAA tournaments. YHC had commited pre-game to make it a Carolina theme if the Heels would have won.  He has a Heels themed station to station beatdown Thang ready to go in the future if the Heels ever decide to play defense and call timeouts to set up plays at the end of games.

The exercise celebration included a Virginia theme in the Thang as emphasis.  Here’s how it went down.

Warm a Rama

Run as a group around the block – noone tripped in the dark which was great since we sensed Grayson Allen lurking in the shadows

Imperial Walker x 15 IC

Hillbilly x 15 IC

Sun Gods x 15


The Thang:

Partner up and size does not matter.  Five teams were formed with YHC on his own.  It was a station to station exercise with run/sprint around the inner cones after completion of each exercise set.  The exercise names spelled out “WAHOOS WIN!”

W – Werkin (wide merkin) – 40 each partner   Partner: WWII sit up – 2 sets of 20

A – Abyss Merkin (50 each partner)     Partner: Air chair – 10 sets of 10

H – Happy Jacks – 4 sets of 5 SSH + 2 jump squats  Partner: Superman – 5 sets of 5

O –   One legged burpee  – 2 sets of 10 each   Partner: Crab cakes to cones; bear crawls back

O –   OYO merkins – 40 each partner    Partner: dying cockroaches, 10 sets of 10

S –    San Antonio Shuffle -15 each partner   Partner:    Seal Jacks (40 each)

W -Wall Worm  (each partner count 45 seconds)   Partner:    WWI sit up (2 sets of 20)

I – Imperial Walker  – 75 each partner    Partner: Plank (for 1 min or until partner done)

N –   Nolan Ryan (50 each partner)   Partner: AL Gore – 10 sets of 10

! – Slam ball (thanks Matlock!) x 20  Partner: Burpees OYO



 LBC’s x 15 IC

Cindy Crawford x 10 each side IC

Flutter kicks x 20 IC

American Hammers x 30 IC



David Parish joined us as an FNG.   He is from Greensboro – married with three kids and serves as a youth sports coach for multiple teams…..The PAX decided on “Bogey” as his F3 name due to his interest in golf.   There was some mumble chatter that he liked his F3 name too much but we decided to keep it.



Stage Fright reminded us of the male leadership conference hosted by Guilford County schools on 3/19/16.   Bring kids.  Focus on accountability and encouragement. Website is:  www.3rdmalesummit.eventbrite.com

Bodett reminded of regular 3rd F and shoes for mens shelter..Stinky Cheese is coordinating.  Bring shoes to any AO.

Polo is travelling to El Salvador and keep him in your prayers.


YHC closed it out with a prayer during the COT


It was alot of fun to lead the PAX today.  Feedback is welcome on how to make it better next time.  We are all blessed to have F3 and a strong group of men who participate.  Thanks guys for indulging me post victory!



PAX: Drizzle

QIC: 02/29/16