Sometimes you just need a little change of pace from the normal burpee, merican, squat repeat.  Today (actually a couple days ago but life got in the way) 11 men ventured out to the hallowed grounds of Jesse Wharton Elementary school for a little something different.  Here is their story:

0650 Meet up in the lot and do some quick intros

0700 Mosey to the fields behind the school

Warm o rama

Mtn Climbers x 15 (IC)

Squats x 15 (IC)

Mericans x 15 (IC)

8 Count Body Builders x 10 (IC)

Line up on the sideline:

Bear crawl 10 yrds and back

Crab walk 10 yrds and back

Now you see me, now you don’t (running, diving, up again, etc…)

Bear Chase: Partner 1 bear crawls , partner 2 runs to opposite end of the field then comes back and fireman carries Partner 1 back to the start.  Switch and repeat.

Mission Mode:

A TL (team leader) is assigned a task.  Lead the team to the lake.  Fastest way possible.

Eagle (a 12 year old boy scout) was named the TL.  He didn’t know the best path so he used his team to guide him.  The mission hit a snag when we found a coupon (downed tree) that needed to be brought to the water.  The men picked it up and put it on their shoulders, a couple may just reached a hand up there, and the team successfully delivered it to the lake.

Then the new TL (Gilligan) took over to return the team back to the parking lot.  On the way back we had time to stop for some pullups and to be amazed by Double Check’s crazy monkey climbing ability.


Men, it was a pleasure for Dallas and I to come up and meet you.  It is always great to see guys that enjoy being around each other and push each other physically and as men.  Great group of guys here and so glad to meet so many of the Greensboro pax at coffeeteria!

Next steps: These type of exercises and missions can be intensified with more weight in your ruck or more weight for the coupons.  We have used other logs, sang bags, cinderblocks etc.

There are many physical benefits to rucking but I think the biggest thing you will see is how training and completing a ruck event brings a group together.  You guys already have a great group, looking forward to seeing many of you in Asheville in a couple months.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions and thanks for the invite!  One things I would challenge you with is to go find the person that EHd you, and thank them.  If they are working out, make sure you go and support their Qs, if not, pick them up and take them.  Remember how you felt after your first workout, make sure and share this gift with somebody else.  They are praying for it!



-Jolly Roger


PAX: 02/27/16

QIC: avatar_box