28 PAX, including an FNG hit the Grinder this morning.  This was a day that does not happen often, Feb 29.  This day called for doing as many Burpees as possible without splashing merlot. This day called for dessert before dinner, a Burpeecolada with a Turd Sandwich on top. This day called for a shoulder shredder indeed.  Here is what we accomplished.


1) Turd sandwich (10 burpees oyo)

Short Mosey to the end of the office parking lot for a

2) Burpee circle 

-SSH 3 times around the circle

-Hillbillies 3 times around

-Squat 3 times around

-Sungod 2 times around forward, 2 times around reverse

-X jacks 3 times around

That makes 26 Burpees so far…

Mosey to the concession stand between the ball fields for


YHC broke out the Bluetooth and fired up Rush’s Jacobs Ladder (live version from Exit Stage Left, crica 1980, of course), a great 8 minute song to knock out the first ladder:

1) Jacob’s Ladder:

Starting at 10 and working our way down.  3 Exercises: Burpees, Dips, Diamond Merkins

10-Burp/ 10-Dip/ 10-DM, 9-Burp/ 9-Dip/ 9-DM, 8-Burp/8-Dip /8-DM, etc.. Total of 55 burpees, 55 dips, 55 Diamond Merkins

The playlist broke in to Don’t Fear the Reaper (MORE COWBELL) as we moseyed to ball field number 1 for the second ladder:

2) Burpee/run Ladder 

-burpee ladder from to third base 40 yd run to fence and back, starting at 7 down to 1.  PAX had to dig deep here. 28 burpees and 14 40yd runs. Strong work by all.   But we weren’t nearly done yet.

Mosey to second ball field.  YHC has made a habit of snooping in on the back blasts of the Columbia AOs.  They are very creative and slightly deranged.  That being said, YHC picked up this nugget from Chaser in Columbia:

3) Animal Sucides

-Bear crawl suicide

-5 burpees oyo

-Reverse plank for the six then

-Crab walk suicide

-Reverse plank for the six

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag for


-Ring of fire with French fries and ass kickers 200 total pushups around the ring.  At 50, 100 and 150, halt for 5 French fries IC, 20 right leg lifts IC, 20 left leg lifts IC.

-24 Cindy Crawford , 12 each side IC (called by Explosion)

-15 slow American hammers IC


-Again, strong work by the PAX today each PAX did 116 Burpees today with everything else.

-Welcome FNG Stella to the group.  That’s the last time he will say “no, no, no…”  Time to brush up on a Street Car Named Desire, my friend, and Stella is a heck of a lot easier to say than Xavier Vanderstaeten, anyways.


-Monday Third F at Panera Lawndale, Chips on the Q

-Should be a great morning tomorrow, first good morning is three months, so post at Irving Park, Speed + Power.  Is that AO named yet? #comeonman!

-New AO Next Tuesday at Grace Methodist Church, 438 West Friendly. Get a beatdown and then help set up for the breakfast for the homeless. #ABD #HIM

-We now have four workouts on Saturday, 6am Inside Voices, 7am Cornwallis Nightmare, 7am Rainbow Dash @ Mendenhall Middle and 7am Northern Ruckus.


Nancy took us out, Thanks for getting off right this morning.

It was huge honor to lead to today, my brothers.



PAX: 3 for 1, Explosion, G-String, Cummings, Wildcat (WB), Jordache, Sugar Cake, War Damn Eagle, Ashley, Avocado, Bundle, Everest (WD), STELLA!!!! (FNG-Xavier Vanderstraeten), Hoser, Nancy, Outhouse, Chips, Maneater, Romo, Capt’n Ron, Bobber, Birds Nest, Cheesy Poof, Woody, I-Beam, Amelia, Griff, Matlock (QIC)

QIC: Matlock