17 Pax started the day off with a WOOOOOHOOOOO to honor Rick Flairs birthday this past week by bringing a heavy dose of enthusiasm to the Cornwallis Nightmare.

Pax Moseyed to the Grave Yard Parking lot for;


25 SSH IC, 25 Ranger Merkins IC, 25 Imperial Walkers IC, 25 Don Quixote IC, 25 Hillbillies IC

The Thang

Formed a single line for the Indian Run Pax headed to the Tennis Courts when Q put the brakes on for a hard left into the Tennis Courts… Stinky Cheese figured it out real quick.  Smiling from ear to ear he knew the Dredd Hill was calling our names.

Partner up to start a Jacobs Ladder

Partner A at bottom of Hill does Squats

Partner B runs, digs and scratches his way to the top…. reward is a Burpee!

Keep rotating and adding a Burpee on each rotation til final climb equals 7 Burpees at the top. Pax and Q already getting smoked and its just 7:20.   Can I get a 10 count Sacked!

Next We Mosey to some undisclosed location that I can’t mention ..   Pax forms single file line and drops into Plank Position.  Last pax starts the Military Crawl through the Plank line…. now known to the Q as the Tunnel of Love.

We complete our visit by finishing up with a 3 Man Grinder

On one end of the field  LBC, Merkins, Flutter Kicks await at the other end Monkey Humpers, Mountain Climbers and Plank Jack await.   One partner sprints back and forth relieving the other until everyone has completed the rotation.  #Clearasmud

Next We Mosey to the end of the Parking Lot and The boom box comes out to celebrate Johnny Cash and a little ring of fire!  Bear Crawl to the right to start a round of Merkins.  Snooki held his own little circle for awhile but we corralled him back in.  Next song on the playlist Stayin Alive by the BeeGees.  Perfect compliment to Johnny Cash so we finished the ring with Travoltas and what the heck some Superman Bananas.  Thanks Wojo for helping with form!

Indian Run back to shovel flag for Mary

20 Dying Cockroach IC, 25 Low Slow Flutters IC (Guest Q Sacked),  20 each side Cindy Crawford (Guest Q Longtime) looking sexy for the Lady runners going by!,  25 IC Freddy Mercury, 20 IC American Hammers.

COT – Snooki took us out.

Gentlemen it was a honor to lead this morning!



March 12 Stinky Cheese working on the Shellys Project.  She is a single Mom that needs our help.  Looking for volunteers to do some home repairs, Landscaping, pressure wash, Paint, Caulk, etc…Please help by volunteering or donating (money, plants, paint, caulk)  so far Norwood and Phoenix have stepped up.  Really needs more support for this to be impactful.  contact Stinky Cheese or go to Sign up Genius and sign up…. https://t.co/gWJnr1JYZT?ssr=true

March 12 – Wojo if you aren’t doing the above project.  Consider the Winston Salem Megladon.  Greensboro Pax have been asked to run a pain station.  This is a 8 mile run with 5 pain stations.  Contact Wojo if interested so he can plan accordingly.

March 19 – Shoe Donations… Wojo spoke with Fleet Feet and they really need kids shoes.  Bring to any workout and Q can get them to either Wojo or Stinky Cheese.

April 23 – Launch for Roanoke.  CHIPS is the Plant Q.  Could be a opportunity for road trip and overnight at Smith Mountain Lake.  Let Wojo know if you are interested in going.

March 19 Stage Fright encouraged PAX to attend 3rd annual Male Summit at SW Guilford HS.  Please visit thirdmalesummit.eventbrite.com if interested.

Bed Bug will not be having the bible study lunch this week.  He will be out of town but will resume when he gets back.  Heisenburg encouraged guys to come out.  Every other Monday lunch at Elizabeth’s.  Contact Bed Bug for details.


PAX: Yeti

QIC: 02/27/16