20 Pax come to see the Boatshow.  Not at the Coliseum but at the Derailleur.  Mumblechatter followed over to the Cornwalis Nightmare on Saturday so you know he brought the pain.  Nice work Boatshow!
Ride your hoverboard to the site
20 side straddle hops
20 hillbilly’s
20 windmills
The Thang
200 meter sprints x 6 (attempted under 40 seconds each with a walking 200 meter recovery)
15 curls ea. Arm + 20 Squat Presses
LBC’s 30
Low Slow Flutters 30
20 ‘Mercans + 12 Curls ea. Arm + 15 squat presses
Big slow Flutters 25
Bicycles 20
15 ‘Mercans + 8 curls ea. Arm + 12 squat presses
Pulsing Side plank 10 ea. Side
American Hammer 30
Thank you everyone for coming out and enjoying the beautiful morning with me. Big shout out to the 2.0’s for making it through and for everyone there for the great motivation.

PAX: FlapJack, Beaver, Drizzle, Brown Noser, Boones Farm, CJ, Grimsley, WOJO, Bed Bug, Heisenburg, Bodette, TPS, Nomad, Jitterburg, Eagle Eye, Bono, Bubba Gump, Scooby Doo, Long Time, MVP, Wildcat, CHIPS, Matlock, Boatshow

QIC: Boatshow