23 pax converged on the new Rainbow dash AO for a frosty beatdown.


10 Burpees OYO

The Thang –

The pax moseyed to the top of the back soccer field to begin the trail of tears. 11 stations, all OYO, covering the entire Mendenhall campus.

Station 1 – SSH x 150

Station 2 – Squatted air claps x 175

Station 3 – Merkins x 100

Station 4 – American Hammer x 200

Station 5 – Step Ups x 50 each leg

Station 6 – Wojo Squats x 75

Station 7 – Dips x 150

Station 8 – Plank Jacks x 200

Station 9 – Mountain Climbers x 200

Station 10 – Lunges x 50 each leg

Station 11 – Burpees x 20

rinse and repeat

6MOM – a medley of stuff without breaking for about 6 minutes…. X/O’s, Low Dolly, O, Homer/Marge,  O, High Dolly, O, X/O, Windshield wiper, O, X


Winston Salem has a beatdown coming on the 12th. should be “fun”. Support needed for Tommy Boy for Heart Walk. Chips is launching F3 Roanoke. Be on the lookout for info from him. 3rd F @ Hushpuppys house tomorrow nite. Chapter 2 of Mere Christianity. Wait Time issued a challenge for more diversity amongst the Pax. T-Claps to him… looking forward to supporting this effort.


YHC took us out.

Big time guys! thanks for the opportunity to lead.


PAX: I-Beam, Viagra, Hoolihan, Norwood, Wilson, Scooby Do, Hermie, Loogie, Brisket, Birds Nest, Chips, Jordashe, Bartman, Sugar Cake, Maneater, FNG – Bailey Davenport (Big Brown), Bobber, Wait Time, Tommy Boy, Hushpuppy, Polar, Ewok, Woody

QIC: Woody