36 Pax gathered this morning uptown to exchange pleasantries and then head back to the fartsack.  Wait, thats not what happened.  The Pax split up with half following Amphibious 1/2 mile down Friendly and half following HP towards Bellmeade.  On the way to Grace UMC, we made a pit stop @LOCALHONEY for some warm a rama.

Warm A Rama

Imperial Walker x 12

Windmill x 12

Hillbilly x 12

Finish the run to Grace UMC for The Thang


13 minutes Cardio and Abs

SPRINTS – Sprint from one end of the lot to the other end of the lot.  Turn around and sprint the same distance back down the lot.

 Freddy Mercury’s x 40 IC

A-Skip – A-Skip from one end of the lot to the other end. Turn around and A-Skip the same distance back down the lot

Crunch Frogs x 40

High Knees – High Knees from one end of the lot to the other end. Turn around and High Knees the same distance back down the lot

Flutter Kicks x 40 IC

Butt Kickers – Butt Kickers from one end of the lot to the other end. Turn around and Butt Kickers the same distance back down the lot

Low Dolly x 40 IC

Karaoke – Karaoke from one end of the lot to the other end with left leg leading. Turn around and Karaoke the same distance back down the lot with the right leg leading.

LBC’s x 40 IC

We ended up making it through one full rotation and got in one more set of sprints and Freddy Mercurys

13 Minutes of Strength

We split into 5 groups for the 5 stations and rotated after the folks flipping the tires were finished with their set.  The 5 Stations looked something like this:

Station 1: Flip large tire up the lot to the small grassy area and then flip it back down the lot to the HVAC area.

Station 2: Step Ups

Station 3: Dips

Station 4: Irkins

Station 5: Derkins

Omaha was called but not before the entire group almost made it through 2 rounds.

Entire PAX converged and ran down Friendly for the 1/2 mile back to the Childrens Museum


LBC’s x 15 IC

Cindy Crawford x 12 each side IC

Flutter kicks with a mix of Dolly x 20 IC

American Hammers x 20 IC


  • New Tuesday AO at Grace United Methodist.  Service opportunity every tuesday at this AO.  Set  up tables and chairs for breakfast for the homeless.  Directly offer the workout.
  • New Jamestown AO in two weeks, Life Community Church on Saturdays at 7am.
  • Mega 12 – March 12th – 4 hour workout – (5) 15 minute PAIN stations with running in between, 9    miles of total running and each local area (GSO, Burlington, Kernersville and WS) is responsible  for a PAIN STATION
  • March 12 – Stinky Cheese is hosting  and helping lady( Shelly) in Mayodan clean her home up.  Please    come out
  • March 19 – Community Housing Solutions workday, project TBA
  • Quicken needs Q’s for uptown Funk. Uptown Funk is unique and the PAX is encouraged to keep it that way
  • Amphibious reminded us to be leaders. Great opportunity


Amphibious took us out with an awesome word of thankfulness and encouragement

It was an honor and a pleasure to lead today.


HP and Amphib

PAX: Rooster, Faulkner, Buttfumble, Outhouse, Lynda, 3 for 1, G String, Ozone, Birdsnest, Herme, Secretary, Mayor, Drysdale, Cummings, Prophet, J Love, Cheezy Poof, UGA, Ogdon, Amelia, Explosion, Gold DIgger, Miyagi, Xerox, Jordache, Lightyear, Tammy, Botox, Snowflake, Quicken, Tea Party, Romo, Cecil, Everest, Hushpuppy (Co – Q), Amphibious ( Co- Q)

QIC: Hushpuppy and Amphibious