19 PAX enjoyed the clearing after the storms and came out to the Stampede to get some mileage in.  Every member of the group put in at least 3.2 miles this morning, a strong showing indeed.  The workout was simple but the work was hard.  Stiff head wind and many branches to overcome in the streets made for a good old fashioned beat down.  Here’s how it went down.


SSS x 25

Sun Gods x 15 (Each Arm)……Welcomed Nancy half way through.

Windmill x 20

Hillbillies x 25

Mosey to corner of Starmount Dr. and Beverly where we circled for instructions on THE THANG!

The Thang

YHC wanted to push the PAX by really getting the most out of every person and maximize the amount of mileage we all covered as a group.  4 different legs were run within the confines of the west side of Starmount Forest.  Each leg was run at race pace until the end of the measured distance, where everyone turned around and picked up the 6 to bring them back to the finish. Once at the finish as a group, a 10 count ensued and the PAX moved to the next leg where we rinsed and repeated the same instructions for the new leg.  Here were the 4 legs that the PAX completed as a group.

Leg 1

Corner of Starmount Dr. and Beverly north to corner of Beverly and Madison Ave.

Leg 2

Corner of Beverly and Madison Ave. west to Corner of Madison Ave. and Holden Road

Leg 3

Corner of Kirby and Holden Road east to Corner of Kirby and Beverly

Leg 4

Corner of Dogwood and Beverly west to Corner of Dogwood and Holden Road

Once those legs were completed, the PAX were instructed to run back down Dogwood to Beverly and return to the shovel flag.  This completed our Stampede 5K and most got about 3.4 miles of distance along the way.  Might be the longest distance a group has run together at the Stampede.  YHC thinks that the PAX are increasing their speeds, which is encouraging to see.


American hammer x 25

Cindy Crawford x 16 (Each Side)

LBC x 25

Low slow flutter x 20


Stinky Cheese reminded people of the service project (Shelly’s Project) that is scheduled for March 12th.  He has identified a single mother that needs some assistance with yard projects, etc.  Her husband has recently left the family and moved to California, she needs help, time for us to step up fellas.  Get in touch with Stinky Cheese to discuss the need for tools, paint, blowers, pressure washers, etc.

Reminder that the Sole Crusher meets every Sunday morning behind Tex and Shirley’s for a great run workout at 6:30 AM prior to church activities.  Just to clarify, they don’t meet INSIDE Tex and Shirley’s to eat, they meet OUTSIDE to run.

Sir Charles needs prayers for his mother who is having surgery on Tuesday, March 1st for Cancer diagnosis.  Please keep Sir Charles and his mother in your prayers.

Maneater took us out in prayer, much appreciated brother.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, always a pleasure to see the effort everyone puts in during a tough running workout.  You guys make it easy to lead.

~Cheesy Poof


PAX: Cheesy Poof

QIC: 2/25/2016