13 dedicated PAX proved their commitment to preventing Sad Clown Syndrome from gaining a foothold in their lives by posting on a truly special morning.  YHC has not experienced such a deluge thus far in his F3 career.  We all enjoyed a particularly heavy downpour right at the launch.


SSH x 20 (IC)

Hillbillies x 20 (IC)

Sun Gods x 20 fwd and 15 rev (IC) (QIC distracted by the rain?)

Crab Cakes x 20 (IC)

[Romo: “am I really about to get out of my car?”]

Burpees x 5 (OYO)

Imperial Walker x 15 (IC)


Moseyed over to SPC parking lot to find cones set up for a six segment suicide interlaced with a BLIMPS: at each turn around point of the suicide, carried out the next exercise of the BLIMPS; at each return to the starting line, 10 mountain climbers.  Following this, at the top of the parking lot, each PAX took position in a single contiguous row of parking spaces, one PAX to each parking space.  Each parking space would serve as an exercise stall, where the exercise to be carried out in that stall was written on a sheet of paper in front of it.  From the leftmost stall to the far right, the exercises were: plank jack, jumping lunges, copper head squat, wide merkin, peter parker, monkey humper, body builder, moguls (side to side jumps), Wojo squat, Turkish get ups, crunchy frogs, alt. shoulder taps, and Carolina dry docks.  The PAX in each stall performed the corresponding exercise until relieved, except for the last stall (Carolina dry docks), where the number of repetitions was set to 15.  Once the man in the last stall completed the exercise, he ran all the way down to the other end of the line, relieving the man in the first stall (plank jacks).  From here, each PAX was relieved from their current stall by the man in the adjacent stall to the left, shuffled over one stall to the right, and proceeded with the routine.  This continued until it was time to Omaha back to the shovel flag.


Freddie Mercury x 20 (IC)

LSF x 20 (IC)

Windshield Wipers x 15 (IC)

LBC x 25 (IC)

American Hammer x 20 (IC)


– SPC parking lot is nice: new, smooth, well lit, freshly painted.  Careful on a wet morning though – can be slick.

– The THANG’s “exercise stall” scheme depended on the last stall (the one with the fixed count) always being occupied.  YHC (Calculus) failed to match the number of stalls to the number of PAX (off by 1), which violated this requirement.  This created confusion among the PAX, and turned what seemed like simple algebra on paper into a high order difference equation.  This taught YHC a lesson about planning and the importance of thorough instruction.

Naked Man Moleskin

Nancy gave an honorable shout-out to Romo and Ivanka, for posting to their second Workout under such extreme conditions.  Few have earned their rain badge so early in their F3 career.  Also, great job by Rooster for holding the EH on Romo and helping him escape the Fartsack on such a morning.


– Cheesy Poof has the Q for the Stampede tomorrow morning (2/25), promising no rain.

– Nancy has the Q for the Sole Crusher, Sunday morning at zero six thirty.

– Gunny has the Q for the Murph tomorrow morning (2/25): “a great workout and test of one’s self.”

– Fletch announced a new Saturday Workout in Jamestown expected to launch in about a month.  The AO will be at Life Community Church and will probably start at zero seven hundred.

– Nancy invites all to Grace Methodist Church for Wednesday night supper, held every Wednesday evening at 5:45pm.  Nancy’s M cooks the meal.  $3 for adults, $1 for the 2.0s.  Get there before 3 for 1 eats it all!


Gathered together in a Ball of Man, YHC brought the morning to a close.

TClaps to the PAX who posted on a difficult morning.  As always, a privilege.

– Calculus –

PAX: Calculus

QIC: 02/24/16