With QIC Hushpuppy trying hard to avoid the DL, your YHC and newly minted Q school graduate brought a little 5 tool Baseball Workout fun to kick off the week. 27 PAX reported to Spring Training at the Grinder to join in with their favorite MLB skill position players on their first day of workouts.

New term from QIC yet to be determined: FN3 #mumblechatter

It went a little something like this….

Warmarama (QIC)

SSH x 25 (IC)

IW x 25 (IC)

HIllbillies x 25 (IC)

Windmills x 25 (IC)

Runner pose stretchy thing (T-BAR) x 2 each leg #crowdpleaser #thirdleg


Mosey to end of Cridland and count off by 5’s to split PAX into five

teams for the station work.

Complete 2 sets of each group of three exercises before moseying on to

next station.

Tool 1 – Arm Strength

Staggered arm merkins x 20 reps total alternating arm stagger each 5th rep

Squatting Overhead claps x 20 reps

Dips x 20

Tool 2 – Speed

One legged dead lifts x10 each leg

Split jumps x 20 reps (10 ea. leg)

Partner resistance sprints x Each partner from warning track to infield & back

Tool 3 – Fielding (Footwork & Agility)

Double Step Heisman x 25

Plank Jacks x 25

T-Push Ups x10 each side

Tool 4 – Hitting for average (balance and core)

Bent Over Partner Rows x 20 reps #mumblechatter #newQconfusion


Crab Cakes x 20 each leg

One Leg Lateral Hops x 25 each leg

Tool 5 – Hitting for power

Copper Head Squats x 25

Partner Carry x each partner from home plate to 2nd base & back

Squat Thrusters x 25 #kicklikeamule


Crunchy Frog x 20 (IC by QIC)

Superman/banana – twice each around the ring of fire count off

Low slow “ridiculous” flutter x infinity (QIC)

American Hammer x reverse IC count 15

Naked Man Moleskin

Welcome FNG Peter Sumner (Ivanka).  Great job this morning.  SYITG soon!

Great job by all on a balmy February morning.  I believe I heard more

than one #itshumidouthere comments. Good to get a good sweat on to

start the week.  I for one was glad to keep the feeling in my hands

and feet for an entire workout for the first time in a while.

Despite the fact everyone’s favorites (Everest & Burpees) were

conspicuously missing from the Grinder this week, hopefully this Co-Q

still brought enough to start the week right.  YHC acknowledges

missing the fact there may have been a need to demonstrate a few

exercises.  From what I hear though, the PAX improvised nicely.



New A/O Rainbow Dash #mumblechatter on Saturdays, 7AM, Mendenhall Middle School

3rd F on Mondays at Panera Lawndale.  Join in with F3 brothers to pray

for PAX prayer requests and brief Oswald Chambers “My Utmost For His

Highest” devotion discussion

Sunday Nights at 7:30.  “Mere Christianity” book discussion at Hush Puppy’s

COT: YHC.  Thankful for God’s sovereignty and F3 brothers.

Thanks to QIC Hush Puppy for letting me tag along.  I now know what

all the Q’s mean when they say it’s an honor and a pleasure to have

helped lead the workout.  Truly is….


PAX: Uga, FNG Peter Sumner (Ivanka), Nancy, Hackman, Avocado, Bobber, Woody, G-String, Hoser, JR, Quicken, Faulkner, 3-for-1, Hydro, Freud, Valentine, War Eagle, Hamburger Helper, Secretary, Scooby Doo, Sugar Cake, Wait Time, Cummings, Cheesy Poof, I-Beam, Wildcat, Chips (co-Q), Hushpuppy (co-Q)

QIC: Hushpuppy