18 pax arose at an early hour to work out on the day after the Daytona 500 with your YHC.  YHC is very thankful that the site Q e-mailed him the day prior to remind him of his Q (thanks LYnda!).  It went down something like this:


SSH X 11 in cadence

11 Burpees OYO (pax were shocked by this)

Windmills X 11 in cadence

11 Burpees OYO (mumble chatter picked up a bit)

Sun Gods X 11 in cadence

Reverse Sun Gods X 11 in cadence

The Thang

YHC took the pax for a short mosey around the Jefferson Elementary school property and then instructed the pax to halt after we had run around a 1/4 mile.  Pax were then instructed to do Lieutenant Dans (GasHouse calls this Zombie Walk btw) to our “track”, which was approximately 50 yards away.  The mumble chatter here would have made Nancy proud.

At the “track” the pax were split into 4 groups and instructed to do 3 laps (green, white, checker).  Pax were then informed of NASCAR theme with Denny Hamlin’s big win the day prior (and his car number being 11) all exercises would be in sets of 11.  Pax were VERY THANKFUL that Martin Truex Jr didn’t hang on for the win (his car number is 78 btw).  After pax was split into 4 groups they went to their turn with the following instructions:

Turn 1/Group 1:  11 San Antonio Shuffles #realcrowdpleaser (left leg lunge, right leg lunge, burpee, plankjack)

Turn 2:  11 Austin Ass Kickers (each arm) (same as Alabama Ass Kicker but left arm is extended at same time as right leg, just as right arm is extended at same time as left leg)

Turn 3:  11 Bobby Hurleys (tar heel nation’s favorite) and 11 Hillbillies

Turn 4:  Al Gore (hold until Turn 3 group finishes and then run to Turn 1)

After we planked until the 6 was in we moseyed back to the shovel flag for a little mary.


Johnny Cash (5 Merkins per pax)

Since YHC has become known for his love of incorporating music in his workouts he didn’t want to disappoint the pax.  The selection for Quaker Crater was “5150” by Dierks Bentley;  btw you do see some racing in the music video.  The pax were instructed to do the following as the song played:

For every “51” or “50” do a mountain climber and for every “I” do a plankjack.  YHC didn’t anticipate getting bombed with e-mails while the song played so it skipped a bit #idealookedgoodonpaper #needtofixfornextq .  YHC hoped song would be a crowd pleaser with nod to country music fans along with fans of Ozzy and Van Halen (Ozzy’s song crazy train is mentioned and 5150 might be Sammy’s best album with VH).  YHC was smoked after song was finished and pax were as well.

American Hammer X 11

World War I Situps with Crabcake X 11 (led by Nomad):  YHC knew Nomad couldn’t Q last week due to weather and wanted to give him a shot to lead an exercise.  Pax were not happy with Nomad’s selection btw.

Fantastic effort by the Pax at Quaker Crater.  The warmer than expected weather was an added bonus.

COT:  Snookie took us out with a fantastic prayer

Announcements/Prayer Requests

  1.  Keep Kay in your prayers as his Grandfather recently passed.
  2.  Wojo mentioned Stinky Cheese’s shoe drive on Saturday, March 19th.  All shoes sizes needed, but especially kids shoes.
  3.  Wojo also mentioned Stage Fright getting people together for a Guilford County Schools Men’s Summit.  Contact Stage Fright for details.
  4.  Snookie mentioned heart walk on Saturday, May 21st;  looking for F3 representation on his team.  Contact Snookie for details.
  5. Snookie is looking to put together a group to head to Cary for Rugby 7’s collegiate championship the last weekend in May.  Contact Snookie for details.
  6. If anyone is looking to join a Blue Ridge Relay team contact Kay (Kay has a couple of slots open on his team).



PAX: Udders

QIC: 02/22/16