A busy morning in #Natville did not inhibit 15 PAX, including 2 FNGs, from coming out to Cornwallis’ Nightmare to celebrate the Daytona 500, The Great American Race. With a brother-led #DRP that ranked right up with famous NASCAR brother combinations such as Busch, Burton, Wallace, Waltrip, Parsons, Petty, Labonte, Allison and Flock, what else could be expected but speed and endurance? The PAX definitely showed their endurance today,but due to the workout demands, speed may have been slightly lacking! For Bed Bug & YHC,  “it looked good on paper” grossly understated the beat down that was to ensue.

After the obligatory disclaimer and a hearty welcome to FNG James Helms (BIllboard), Bed Beg led the PAX to the church graveyard parking lot for the pre-race warm up.


  • Side Straddle Hop (SSH) IC X 18
  • Windmills IC X 18
  • Little Baby Crunches (LBC) IC X 18
  • Imperial Walkers (IW) IC X 18
  • Sun Gods IC X 18 (9 Forward, 9 Reverse)
  • Mountain Climbers IC X 18

Why 18 reps for each exercise you ask? To pay respects to the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Kyle Busch.  Well done Bed Bug!

Following warm up, and during the mosey back into the park, FNG Tom Strader (Poseidon) joined the PAX for the main event.


The 15 cars in this year’s race first moseyed to the Love Deck of the Spencer Love Tennis Center for the final tune up before YHC dropped the Green Flag. It went like this:

  • Dips (single count IC) X 22
  • Step Ups (OYO) X 22 (11 each leg)
  • Derkins (single Count IC) X 22

22 reps performed of each exercise in honor of 2015 Daytona Winner Joey Logano. The cars then moseyed to the middle of the parking area to begin the race

The 500

Directions were simple, but the race was not: 20 reps of each exercise OYO in order, followed by a lap around the middle parking area medians.

  • Burpees X 20
  • WWI Sit Ups X 20
  • Squats X 20
  • Merkins X 20
  • Crunchy Frog X 20

Repeato 5 times for a total of 500 reps & 5 laps =  #crowdpleaser, especially for the Burpees & Merkins!. Caution Flag – PAX were encouraged to listen to their bodies and modify if necessary. Burpees, for instance, became Plank Jacks for some. #noinjuries!

For the Six, the cars planked and then lined up and finished a final lap together, but The 500 could not end that way. The cars lined up in the parking area for a final Double Applesauce Indian Run and Jail Break to the Shovel Flag, Green, White Checker Flag style! It was a strong finish!

(Abbreviated) 6 Minutes of Mary

Bed Bug took back over for the CORE cool downtown to close out race day.

  • Freddie Mercury (IC) X 18
  • Low Slow Flutter (IC) X 18
  • American Hammer (IC) X 18


Naked Man Moleskin

  • Your QICs today have are not official endorsers or fans of the #18 or #22 car – it just worked with the workout today.  There is also no truth to the rumor that Bed Bug is a card carrying Danica fan.
  • Great work today by the PAX! The 500 was not an easy endeavor and, frankly, took longer to complete than expected.  Bed Bug thinks we had enough planned for two hours. PAX is happy to have not had to deal with Heartbreak Hill and some short track, four corner racing. #Next Time!
  • Spam – way to bring it today brother, although YHC questions your burpee numbers.  No matter, as you pushed harder during the 500 than I have seen yet. Keep it up!  As we all know, it does not get easier, but you get stronger!
  • TClaps to FNG Billboard for coming out after meeting a few guys at a post workout Coffeeteria and then looking up F3 to see what we are all about.  Your effort today was impressive! Hope you will come back out soon and on a regular basis!
  • Special welcome to FNG Poseidon for coming on out in true LIFO fashion and attempting to surprise your 2.0, Amphibious. Due to some family miscommunication, Amphibious is not saddled with a dreaded no show when a friend/family member posts.  Thanks for pushing today – please come back and continue to work at your own pace!
  • Kotters to Splint and Sir Issac!  Haven’t seen you guys too much lately, but it is always good to have you with the PAX. Come back soon!


  • Today was a great day in Natville: the start of a new Saturday AO – Rainbow Dash – at Mendenhall Middle School and Serving Burritos to the homeless at Center City Park. TClaps to Gilligan, Butt Fumble, Yeti & Sacked for your leadership!
  • Shoe Drive –  to donate at Fleet Feet Sports on Lawndale Drive on March 19.  Please bring men’s, women’s and kid’s shoes to any workout to donate. Sign up to be a shoe collecting Site Q here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080D49A8AB229-f3fleet  SPECIAL NOTE: There is a special request from Out of the Garden & Backpack Beginnings for kids shoes. See Stinky Cheese for more information.
  • Signup Sheet for March 19 Community Housing Solutions Workday – Reach out to Butt Fumble to sign up and help. Need around 15 guys for this worthy cause,
  • New workout starting on the Feb 27th (Sat) – 7:00 a.m.at Jesse Wharton led by Matlock. Ruck style workout using 20-30lb weighted backpack or vest. TClaps Matlock for stepping up.
  • Heart & Stroke Walk (Q= Tommy Boy) – May 21st :  Momentum is starting to build for a big F3 #Natville showing at this event.  Would like to have at least 10 men per  AO to come together for this event. 5 guys have stepped up and joined the team already.  Contact Tommy Boy via the Twitter @PhunnyHaHa for more info.
  • Guilford County Council PTA Male Summit (Q = Stage Fright): March 19th.  Info is available online: 3rdmalesummit.eventbrite.com.  This event is open to both men and 2.0s.  Breakout sessions on leadership for the 2.0s are planned.  Also, planned are speakers to address among other topics.. being a male mentor for youth on our community.

Man Eater took us out!

Thanks so much for the opportunity to lead today

Bed Bug & Wojo


PAX: minimal

QIC: yes