17 Pax gathered in a gloomy but warm (no it was a daggum heat wave) morning for a station beatdown that would push their limits and test their mettle. YHC cleared out his garage to add to the fun. Here is what we accomplished:

Mosy to the dark side of the parking lot for the:


25 Happy Jacks IC

15 Windmill IC

25 Prisoner Squats

20 X-Jacks IC

20 Hammy Scoops IC

Short mosy to the car rider dropoff area where YHC did a short demo on proper hammer slam and slam ball technique. Then YHC fired up the Who on the Bluetooth and we went straight into:


STATION TO STATION BEATDOWN: Partner up, 10 stations, when a station is completed, mosy around the cones, because it ain’t mamed Circle Time for nothing.

1-100 Merkins (50 each partner, one does merkins, the other does Bird Dog, 10 sets of 10) –cone sprint

2-160 LBCs (80 each partner, one does LBCs, the other does six inch leg lift, 8 sets of 20) – cone sprint

3-100 deep Squats (50 each partner, one does squat, the other does Al Gore, 10 sets of 10) cone sprint

4-Body Builders (25 each partner, one does the Body Builder, the other does Superman, 5 sets of 5) cone sprint

5-60 hammer slams (30 each partner, one hammers the tire with a 20 lb long hammer, the other does shoulder tap merkins, 10 each side) cone sprint

6-200 American Hammers (100 each partner, one does the Hammer, the other does French Fries, 4 sets of 50) cone sprint

7-100 Scorpion dry docks ( 50 each partner, the other does air chair 10 sets of 10) cone sprint

8-100 Prisoner Getups (50 each partner, 10 sets of 10, partner does WWII sit ups) cone sprint

9-100 Slam Ball slams (50 each partner, 10 sets of 10) the other does dying cockroaches, 10 sets of 10) cone sprint

10-100 Slam Ball Press (50 each partner, 10 sets of 10) the other does crab cakes) cone sprint.

YHC’s group made it through 7 stations and all the PAX got to hammerslam the #bigasstire. This workout was designed to be impossible to complete in the allotted time. However, YHC will be happy to break it out again if J-Love and Hush Puppy want to give it a go.

Short mosy to the main entrance for Mary.


20 Crunchy Frog IC

20 Freddie Mercury IC

10 Marge/Homer IC (with Long Time providing a nice 10 count on the last Homer.)


-Wicked doesn’t like the Tire. #hehheh

-Good numbers today, the weather helps, but lets keep it up. This is a great AO and convenient to several PAX

-Keep working, Boone’s Farm. YHC knows how much you like prisoner get-ups!


-Boddett needs a Q for next week. I think its time for Drizzle to handle his own Q, or maybe Stage Fright can co-Q. It’s time, Stage Fright! Rooster would help, but he’s out… Brown Noser?

-Royale is recovering from his accident.

-Virus is now off crutches and braces from his first surgery. His second surgery is coming up in a few weeks.

COT: Stage Fright took us out with a prayer that personally touched YHC. We have all done things that we regret and probably look back and can’t believe things we did or said. Let’s remember that Jesus died for us to forgive our sins so that we can walk with God and live through him. Let’s walk the walk and do this.

It was an honor to lead.



PAX: Matlock

QIC: 02/22/16