With the Daytona 500 only a couple of days away, it was time to celebrate by engaging in some pre-race time trials throughout the Starmount Speedway. On this brisk February morning, 19 PAX ran a series of three sprint events at various locations. Here is how it unfolded:


  • SSH X 30 IC
  • Imperial Walker X 15
  • Monkey Humpers X 15

The Thang

Sprint Series I

Light mosey across W. Market Street to Brentwood Rd. Brentwood is split into two parts (East and West) intersecting Madison to the North. The goal was to run clockwise along W. Brentwood to Madison Ave to E. Brentwood (this essentially forms a loop) completing three laps. YHC instructed the PAX to run the first lap at a 50% to 70% speed. On lap two and three, the PAX were to open all cylinders and push themselves to a 5K speed or faster. Most PAX finished three laps. Reconvene at 5:48 for…..

Sprint Series II

Head back across W. Market Street to the greenway and travel northwest along the greenway to Ashland Dr, The PAX were instructed to run (sprint up) Ardale Place hill twice.

Sprint Series III

Mosey to the church parking lot for a full court suicide sprint:

  • Start at baseline, run to first light pole and back
  • Run to second light pole and back
  • Run to end of parking lot and back
  • Plank until 6 is in
  • Rinse and repeat one more time

Head back down the hill, turn right onto Ashland Dr towards Arboretum entrance, take the greenway back to the basketball court.


Skipping core exercises, YHC wanted to focus on stretching #nontraditional

  • Left and right leg quadricept stretch
  • torso stretch to toes
  • knee to torso stretch
  • American Hammer x 25 IC

COT – Fannie took us out


  • Kay mentioned that everyone should check out Winston’s  #Omega (that is all he would say??)
  • Nancy shamed encouraged everyone to come out and run on Sunday mornings at 6:30 for the Sole Crusher (meet between Tex and Shirley’s and Caribou Coffee). Run workout is designed for each person to pick their own distance
  • Tammy offering CPR training Friday morning at Moses Cone
  • Bear Run – Registration on March 1st at Grandfather mountain. Goal is to get a few Natville guys to attend- http://www.hopeformarrow.org/bearinfo.htm
  • Cheesy Poof needs Q’s for the stampede
  • TClaps to all the F3Greensboro men that raced in the Valentines Day massacre. Strong performance and top finishers by various teams
  • TClaps to Cheesy Poof for navigating the PAX back to the finish line
  • Great job today by all the PAX, nice to see rivers of sweat during 30 degree days.

PAX: Sir Charles, Philippoussis, Kay, Nancy, Rooster, Everest, Cheesy Poof, Man Eater, Ugga, Tammy, Hackman, Phoenix, Amphibious, Fannie, Refi, Boat Show, Favre, Footloose, LYnda (Q)

QIC: LYnda