13 Pax got a taste of Snookie Time this past Thursday at The “Murph” – Yes there were props! TClapps to Snookie for stepping up the workout as he usually does…Gunny has decided to take the helm next Thursday , so be prepared and possibly a little scared of what lies ahead.

Men this workout is for the development of strength and power, the type that was exemplified by the life of Lt. Michael P Murphy, Seal Team 1 Leader for Operation Redwing which took place in Kunar Province Afghanistan in 2005. This mission cost the lives of many special forces personnel including Lt Murphy June 28th 2005 as they sought to stomp out evil in a distant land. We will be forever grateful for all who carry out this great work and we will always do our very best to build the type of strength that will empower us to do the work we are called to do here in Greensboro! As I have stated before, unapologetically, this is a workout for men and it will always be difficult and challenging as it should be….we should all be proud of the efforts we put forth in light of the fact the we can do what we do because of those that gave their lives away for FREEDOM!

Here is how we did it-

Waramarama- 1/2 mile mosey,

Thang – 10 Sets of the following: 10 pull-ups, 20 Merkins, 30 Squats, 40 Core reps, with two additional miles of running mixed in. All while carrying Logs, Weighted Vests, Thor’s Hammer etc….( Snookie)

1000 reps, 55 minutes – no rest!

Mary: 60 Second Planche


Aye – Wicked


PAX: Snookie

QIC: 02/18/16