Several surprises awaited the PAX of just 3 this morning when we arrived. It was raining, but not the windy monsoon we expected and it was still cold, 33 degrees, not what was predicted. So with snow and slush still around we proceeded to mosey for another surprise, to Oak Ridge Elementary in the rain and spent the rest of the time under cover there as Nails put us through some old school exercises to warm us up before the mosey back to the shovel flag. It went like this:

Long mosey to Oak Ridge Elementary School under overhang


20 Imperial Walkers IC

24 Sun Gods IC F

20 Sun Gods IC R

20 Goblet Squats IC

20 Windmills IC

20 Monkey Humpers IC

Short mosey to other overhang


5 Diamond Merkins IC

20 Copperhead Squats IC

20 LBCs IC

20 Merkins IC

20 Goblet Squats IC

20 Low Slow Flutters IC

20 Carolina Dry Dock Dabs IC

20 Smurf Jacks IC

20 LBCs IC

10 Wide Left Merkins IC

10 Wide Right Merkins IC

Short mosey back to first overhang


20 WWI Sit Ups IC

20 Mile High Dry Docks IC

25 LBCs IC


Heisenberg took us out.

Long mosey in the rain back to the shovel flag.


Gave thanks for Long Time and his wife’s baby boy and good health for Rena and baby.

Non-stop exercises by Nails. Good call on hitting the school to get out of a steady rain. Great job on Q by Nails. The Q schedule is open from here.












PAX: Nails

QIC: 02/16/2016