19 Pax came out this morning get a beat down. Weather was great despite the wet ground.  Gunny failed to tell his FNG gloves are not provided in the gloom (been there..and my FNG never came back ;-). We weren’t sure how the workout mumblechatter would go because our local cadence police was tired (grumpy).  My first SOLO-Q. It was a honor to lead gentlemen!!


Ssh x 30 IC

Mosey through the big lot to the wind-chimes.

Hillbillies x 30 IC

Merkins x 20 IC

Mosey back to big lot.

A little confusion with getting stations setup but we worked through it with 5 burpees oyo per Nancy.

After a short demonstration of the new exercises (mule kicks and globe jumps) we were off to the thang.

Count off by four and split up.

Everyone does the first set of each station then moved to second after completion of all four stations (and so forth).


Merkin x 10

1- dry docks x15

2-Shoulder taps x 20

3-Mule kicks x 15

5 burpees

Bear crawl to next station


Merkins x 10

1-Monkey humper x 15 ic

2-90 degree Squat jumps  x15

3-Cobra squats x 15 IC

5 burpees

Lunge to next station


Merkins x 10

1-Low flock of seagulls x 30

2-Deep squat x 20

3-good morning x 20

5 burpees

Globe jump to next station


Merkins x 10

1-Plank jacks x 10 ic

2-Mountain climbers x 20 IC

3-In out jacks x 15

5 burpees

Run to next station

Almost got all the way through all three sets before having to Omaha to the basketball court for Mary.


5 burpees oyo

Lbc x 30 IC

Low slow flutter x 30 IC

Side plank hip raises x 10 per side.



Solecrusher sunday 0600!!

Nancy – Grace Methodist church community meal every Wednesday.

Friday – Tammy – hands on CPR @ Moses Cone  @ 0630

3rd F immediately following workout.

Elsa felt the spirit and led us out.

PAX: 3 For 1

QIC: 02/17/16