At the urging of Matlock, YHC took the helm of this morning’s Shakeweight. With Daytona Race Week upon us, I felt the need to get back to my roots in #RaceCity. The winter location of #shakeweight proved perfect for avoiding a rain delay as it mother nature was doing her best to persuade my Natville brothers to #Fartsack. However, 22 took the #DRP and got to it. It went a lil something like this…


SSH x 20 IC

String Ripper x 20 IC (thanks Wojo, for help with name)

Mt. Climber x 20 IC

Imperial Walker x 20 IC

THANG- most exercises taken from the first Natville K-bell workout on 7-14-15. But first, BOOGITY, BOOGITY, BOOGITY… 2 LUCKY members were given a gift. Gift #1 was a 40# dumbell, courtesy of Sacked and was given to Chips. Gift #2 was a 35# plate weight, courtesy of Snooki and was given to Lynda. The gifts were to serve as #restrictor_plates for the run to the end of the parking area where you would complete 1 burpee then return and pass the restrictor plate to the pax on you left. While this was going on the rest of us did this: 60 seconds of excercise, with 15 sec of rest in between.

  1. Table Press
  2. KB Swing
  3. Lunge w/roatation
  4. Tricep Extention
  5. Plank w/row
  6. Good Mornings
  7. Lunge w/pass through
  8. Curls
  9. Turkish Get-ups
  10. Squat Jumps, with 90 degree turn each jump

At completion of set 1 Snooki covered us with American Hammer & something (YHC was running); after set 2 Chips did the inverted Mt. Climber. Set 3 was cut short due to time (not short enough for some) after the curls. Sorry to disappoint the PAX that wanted more Turkish Get-Ups.

MARY (abbreviated) “If you want 6 minutes of Mary, take the Q”

American Hammer w/weight  x 20 IC


  • Looking for Qs for this workout, contact Wilson if you are interested
  • Remember Royale in your prayers. He is recovering from a car accident on Monday. He is at Moses Cone. Hospital Name is Andre West, email is
  • March 19th is Community Housing solutions workday. Butt-Fumble has details, but needs 15-20 guys to HC for this.
  • This Saturday, Feb. 20th is the initial WO at Mendenhall Middle School on Willoughby Blvd. Gather at 6:50, launch at 7:00. Bootcamp style WO.
  • Remember Judy in your prayers. She has CP and the funds to care for her daughter through foster care have run out. Please keep her in your mind today as they meet to find a solution that is best for Judy and her daughter.
  • Biker Burritos are being prepared this Friday night at Yeti’s. They will be distributed on Saturday after Inside Voices. Contact Yeti if you can be there Friday night or Saturday.

Wojo took us out BOM style.

And the lights came on as we departed, sorry I let you down and didn’t leave a light on for ya. #notlivinguptoslogan


PAX: minimal

QIC: yes