21 PAX braved 20 degree temps for a brand of Local Honey that while seemed slow as molasses, soon thawed out for the group including 2 ballsy FNG’s – Harrison Phipps (F3 handle Faulkner) and Will Kohlenberg( F3 handle Philippoussis).  Must be noted that Faulkner looked up F3 website and just showed up.  While he did not have gloves the PAX quickly remedied that so our man could experience 1stF and not lose any extremeties…  Good looking out Bobber.  After a mozy to the old Guilford County courthouse below is the retelling….


SS Hops – 30X

Chilly Planks  – 20X

Monkey Humpers – 20X

Double Wide Merkins – 20X

Copperhead Squats – 20X

Sun Gods – 20x – No recovery, 20x Reverse

Crab Cakes – 25X

Mozy to baseball stadium – Halfway along on our mozy, Quicken points out YHC’s interior truck light is on…  I-Beam leads PAX to front of stadium.  YHC picks up pace to catch up as we kickstarted “The Thang”

The Thang – Speed and Violence with Greensboro Hoppers

With a backdrop of Hoppers stadium, YHC attempted to shake the winter gloom for visions of summer grandeur and things to come.  PAX’ were split into pairs in front of ballpark as the mission went like this:

Each man expected to perform following OYO while partner ran down to end of Bellemeade to will call and back up to relieve partner

100 Dips

150 Derkins

300 LBC’s

Partners worked on performing all exercises together but completing all reps OYO before advancing to next exercise…  Speed for partners running to get back and relieve their partner and some violence of action on those dips, derkins and LBC’s.  #NoticeAPatternHere.

Omaha was called on the !50 Derkins to split between partners.

Upon teams completing all 3 rounds of prescribed exercises, called Omaha and we made our way to parking lot across the street.   Here’s where fun really started…  All PAX lined up across parking lot for The Dell Brown race.

Dell Brown – 10 Diamond Merkins, then crab walk to middle of pk lot, 10 Diamond Merkins, crab walk to end of lot, 10 Diamond Merkins………….  Rinse and repeato same formula to come back to start line.

It’s here where YHC noticed an uneasy PAX and heard some dry heaving #MerlotSplash.

Mozy back to shovelflag for Mary.  Tclaps to Hushpuppy and others for watching the 6


Box Cutters – 20x

LSF’s – 20x

American Hammers – 20x



Hands only CPR training next Friday (2/19) at Moses Cone after Uptown Funk – Please email or tweet J-Love (Parker Huitt) so you can participate. Tclapps to Tammy for locking this on for us.  Get certified in 30 minutes…   #NoManLeftBehind #SaveALife

It was my honor in facilitating such a great group.  Excellent work and welcome FNG’s Harrison Phipps and Will Kohlenberg.  Glad to have you a part of F3 Greensboro #PlantGrowandServe



PAX: Defib, DOS, JR, Huspuppy, FNG-Will Kohlenberg (Philippoussis), Everest, Ashley, Hoser, Hermie, Buck, Bubba Gump, I-Beam, Mayor, Jorache, Captain Ron, Bobber, Drysdale, Secretary, Quicken, FNG-Harrison Phipps (Faulkner), Gunny (QIC)

QIC: Gunny