3 PAX braved the ice and cold, put on their skates and made their way out to the J-Town Beat Down for a little post Valentine’s Day Fun. As I recall, things went something like this:

The Pax was going to partner up but we had an Omaha right from the start. After a slippery Mosey to the Jamestown Library and a little innovation, we came up with plan.


20 Sun gods in each direction

20 Windmills

A little merkin medley/pyramid: The Pax went in a circle (Triangle if you want to be technical) one at a time and each did 1 merkin, then 2,…up to 5 and back down.

As a test of trust, the Pax finished with burpees with a twist. Two Pax held the push up position while the other started standing in the middle and would jump over one, do a burpee, jump back, and jump over the next one and do another burpee. Each Pax did 5 total.

The Thang:

We jumped right into the thang after our burpees and moseyed over to the playground/soccer field. One Pax started on the playground doing 10 pull ups and dips until another Pax got there. One person started at the other end of the field doing one of the exercises. The third ran to the playground to switch roles and start his pull ups. At this station, the pax combined to complete…

50 Burpees

100 Carolina Dry Docks

150 Mountain Climbers

After we completed that station, we moseyed to the front of the school and did the same thing with different exercises. Instead of pull ups and dips we did burpees (spreading the love wit those today). We still ran in between exercises and this time we combined to do…

100 Squats

150 Merkins/Derkins (whichever you were feeling)

200 Lunges

We almost finished but the clock said it was time to mosey back to the shovel flag for some Mary’s.


25 LBC’s

20 Heels to Heaven

20 Lo Slo Flutters

15 X’s and O’s

20 American Hammers

COT: Prophet prayed us out and told us that his church is looking to start a F3 workout possibly on Saturdays in Jamestown. Keep your eyes peeled for info to come about that.

Great job men! Glad I got to Q with y’all and I’m looking forward to the next one!


PAX: Prophet, Gold Digger, Elroy

QIC: Elroy