34 PAX enjoyed a balmy morning at Uptown Funk with some of their closest friends.  YHC had the Q along with Cummings who put a maniacal list of exercises together to tear everyone down, but build them up at the same time.

Here’s how it went down.


SSS x 25

Imperial Walker x 25

Sun Gods x 15 (each direction)

Field Goal Blocks x 25

PAX split in 2 groups and moseyed to Bellemeade parking deck. Group A (YHC) started at level 1 and Group B (Cummings) ran up circular ramp and started at the top. #shouldhavepickedgroupA

The Thang

All exercises were on our own and were posted at the end of each ramp, 2 per level.  Here are the exercises that made each of us a little bit better today.  At one point Woody made the call that it was a “medieval” beatdown.  YHC was thrilled to hear that. There were 16 stations, here is a condensed collection from today’s activities.

Station 1

30 Wojo Squats

50 LBC’s

Crab Walk to Next Station

Station 2

50 Supermans

25 Sun Gods (each direction)

Duck Walk to Next Station

Station 3

30 Merkins

30 V Situps

Bear Crawl to Next Station

Station 4

30 Dry Docks

30 Parker Peters

Bunny Hop to Next Station

Station 5

25 Hillbillies (each side)

30 Butt Kicks (each side)

Linebacker Shuffle to Next Station

After completing as much as possible, the PAX moseyed back to the shovel flag for some Mary.


LBC’s x 25

Cindy Crawford x 20 (Each Side)

American Hammer x 25


Hands only CPR at Moses Cone on Friday February 19th at Moses Cone at 6:30 AM right after Uptown Funk next week.  Contact Tammy for more details.

New AO at Mendenhall Middle School launching on Saturday February 19th at 7:00 AM

Elsa took us out.

On behalf of YHC and Cummings, honor to lead everyone.


Cheesy Poof

PAX: Beaver, Footloose, Butt Fumble, UGA, Drysdale, Gunny, Tammy, Woody, Gold Digger, Jordache, Quicken, Amphibious, Wicked, Everest, LYnda, Rhonda, Outhouse, DFib, Faulkner, Short Track, Leverage, Ashley, G-String, Valentine, Elsa, Hermie, Earl Gray, JR, Explosion, I-Beam, Prophet, J-Love, Cheesy Poof, Cummings

QIC: Cheesy Poof & Cummings