11 PAX joined together in balmy 27 degree weather on Friday to do a little bit of lifting and field work.  The PAX stayed put in the parking lot to start Warm a Rama

Warm a Rama:

15 x Imperial Walker

15 x WIndMill

15 x Hillbilly

Leg and Hip stretch x 20 second count on each leg (In the plank position, bring left leg as far under your chest/chin as you can until you can feel your calf, thighs and hips stretching, repeat with other leg)  Bodette and Yeti gave us  the 20 counts


Mosey with weights from the parking lot into the field inside of the track.  There were lanterns placed at each end zone and a lantern place at the 50 yard line.  At each end zone, there were 4 weight exercises.  We split into 3 man teams.  While there was a team member in each of the end zones doing a weight exercise, there was a team member sprinting from one end zone to the 50 yard line and then A Skipping(Became a #crowdfavorite) from the 50 to the other end zone to tag the other partner.


Tricep Extensions

Bent Row

Overhead Press



Bicep Curl


T Bar lift/Plank Lift

American Hammer

YHC called Omaha about halfway into the second round.  The PAX helped to gather all of the weights and supplies and moseyed back to the parking lot for some MARY action.


10 x Extended Planks (Extended 10 count on number 7 and 10) (lots of #mangrunts during this exercise)

20 x V – Arm Crunch (see me for details.:-))

20 x American Hammers (IC)

20 x Flutter Kicks with some Dollies thrown in on 18, 19,  and 20 (IC)


3rd F at Panera on Friday – This weeks topic was courage led by Sacked

Yeti announced that we will be preparing breakfast burritos at his house next Friday night and delivering the burritos to the homeless next Saturday morning after Inside Voices

Pray for Nixon and problems with vertigo type symptoms

Praise for Longtime and his wife for the healthy birth of their baby

Follow @F3GSOSpringBash for details on upcoming spring get party on April 16th

3rd F – Mere Christianity – starts on Feb 21st


Big props to NOMAD for taking us out with some inspiration to be better men.


Not much Mumblechatter today other than the folks encouraging their teammates during the THANG.

Thank you for allowing me to lead today.  It was an honor.





PAX: 2/12/2016

QIC: Hushpuppy