9 dedicated PAX overcame the sad clown call of the fartsack on this crisp 18F morning.  Lynda sported a full face covering, and it was so cold that Nancy “didn’t notice” that YHC, on his VQ, forgot to call out “Recover” after each Warm-O-Rama exercise


SSH x 20 (IC)

Imperial Walker x 20 (IC)

Copperhead Squat x 15 (IC)

The Thang

Moseyed 0.7mi over to Lindley Elementary, where upon, we divided into three groups for several minutes of relayed sprints.  YHC did not consider the wind chill factor in his planning.  #frostbittenfaces  Moseyed around the corner to the bus loop for several minutes of OYO track work.  High knees down one straightaway, side shuffle down the other, and run around the ends.  Moseyed from there to Walker Ave., where we formed a line and began a 0.7mi Indian run to Ashland Dr.  Creepy pickup truck escorted the PAX over the Wendover Ave. bridge.  Finished with OYO run back to the shovel flag.  Total distance of 2.3mi, not counting the sprints or the track.


LBC x 20 (IC)

LSF x 20 (IC)

American Hammer x 20 (IC)


YHC brought the victorious morning to a close.


– Nancy invites you to come on out for the Sole Crusher on Sunday morning.  “It’ll be cold.”

– Friday 2/19, following Uptown Funk, CPR training at Cone from 6:30 – 7:00.  They’ll be prepared for a group of smelly, sweaty guys.

– Lynda is leading a greatest hits version of Inside Voices this Saturday.  It will include selections from his top 5 “favorite workouts ever.”

Thanks to the PAX for the opportunity to lead this morning.  Great work!

– Calculus

PAX: Calculus

QIC: 02/11/16