9 Pax climbed out of the warm fartsack to celebrate the Year of the Monkey at the Sad Clown Killer. We tried our best to stay warm, but it was a chilly start. Much to the delight of the Pax, it went something like this…

Mosey to front of school

Warm o Rama

SSH x 25 IC

Sun Gods x 15 IC (forward and reverse)

Chinooks x 15 IC (forward and reverse)

Windmills x 25 IC

Imperial Walkers x 25 IC

Copperhead squats x 25 IC

The frozen Thang:

The Pax participated in a quick experiment with the very small frisbees that YHC found on the internet. We tried to keep our feet on them and did a plank drag across the parking lot, forward and reverse. Lots of mumble chatter here. Need some bigger discs but we will definitely keep trying this….

Then we launched into a four corner escalator:

Corner 1 10 monkey squats

run to Corner 2

Corner 2 10 monkey squats, 20 situps

monkey drill to corner 3

Corner 3 10 monkey squats, 20 situps , 30 merkins

run to Corner 4

Corner 4 10 monkey squats, 20 situps , 30 merkins, 40 monkey humpers

run lap around parking lot, go back down


Another lap around the parking lot for good measure and we collected the Pax for a five minute plank. More discussion around this one…

American Hammer x 25 IC

Mosey back to flag


Snooki took us out. Kept it quick so we could all go get warm – thanks!


Snooki’s dad is struggling with a few health issues, please keep him in your prayers.

Virus is having the first of his knee procedures today.

Long Time’s wife is going in to the hospital to have their baby today!

Thanks for the honor of letting me lead this morning! This will be the last installment in my Chinese New Year celebrations. I’m sure that a few of you are happy to hear that…


PAX: Heisenberg, Polo, Schnitzel, Philippoussis , Botox, Xerox, Snooki, Hoser, Everest (QIC)

QIC: Everest