8 Pax including 2 FNG’s gathered in the gloom of the Panther loss in the Super Bowl to wipe away the tears and excrete as much of the “bad stuff” that was consumed the night before.  The morning went a little something like this:

The Pax broke into groups of three, but with the odd number Prophet and FNG, Adam Moore paired up for the beat down.  One member of each group grabbed a cinder block and off we moseyed to the Jamestown Library steps.


30  Side Straddle Hops

20  Windmills

20  Hillbillies

20  Prayer Squats

15 Sun gods, each direction

15 Shinooks, each direction


The Thang:

After the Warm-O-Rama, we then jumped straight into 11th Heaven.  At the fountain in front of the library we did dips, then we ran up the steps of the library, then back down where at the bottom of the steps we did Derkins.  We started with 10 dips and 1 Derkin, then progressed to 9 dips, 2 Derkins.  We continued in this fashion finishing with 1 dip and 10 derkins for a total of 55 dips and 55 Derkins.  The Pax then grabbed their blocks and moseyed to the upper fields for the following:

Each group of three had to get through the reps of each exercise as a group.  One member was working on the reps, one member was running 80 yards to switch off with the third member who was doing any Mary exercise they wanted until relieved by the second member.  He then ran back to the start to switch off with the first guy.  We did this until time was called.  The exercises and reps were as follows:

50 Burpees

75 Carolina Dry Docks

100 Prisoner Get Ups

125 Merkins

150 Block Squats

200 Overhead Block Press

225 Block Curls

Most groups were only able to get through the Merkins because of time.

The Pax then moseyed back to the shovel flag for some Mary’s.


25 LBC’s

25 Lo Slo Flutters

15 George and Weezy’s

15 Cindy Crawfords, each side

20 American Hammer


COT:  Elroy prayed us out asking for strength and courage to be leaders in the community.


We want to welcome the 2 FNG’s, Freddy Mac (Adam Moore) and Po (Wesley Rochelle).  Great job men and again always a pleasure to work along side you guys!!




PAX: Dryesdale, Danika, Elroy, FNG – Freddy Mac (Adam Moore), Chisel, Gold Digger, FNG – Po (Wesley Rochelle), Prophet

QIC: Prophet