Ahhh, it was a balmy morning at the K&W Cafeteria Fitness Center as 23 PAX gathered for a beatdown that involved no running(!!!) but plenty of weights, planks and abs.  YHC dusted off the #biggasstire to add to the fun.


SSH 25 IC (called by Butt Fumble)

Imperial Walker 24 IC (called by Stinky Cheese)

Sun Gods 15 forward IC, 15 reverse IC, going big on the last five of each

Moroccan Night Clubs:  20 IC, (Tclaps to whoever was beatboxing behind YHC)


1) WEIGHT-O-RAMA:     The Pax did eight exercises, one minute for each exercise:

-Table Bench Press

-Clean & Press

-Outward Bicep Curl

-Kettlebell Swing

-Overhead Press

-Tricep Extension

-T-Bar Merkin

-Goblet Squat


Each Pax flipped the #bigasstire, jumped in, jumped out, then flipped it again. Next man up. In the meantime, the PAX did the following moves on YHC’s call while we went around the horn:  Shoulderclap Merkins, Plank Jacks, Mountain Climbers, LBCs, Flutter Kicks, High Dolly, Plank #burningshoulders

RINSE AND REPEAT  SET 1 and SET 2.  On Set 2 we also worked in Peter Parkers and Low Dolly.

There was an excessive amount of mumble chatter during set 2. Xerox was chattering the whole time but YHC could not hear him over the playlist.  YHC can only surmise that the PAX really enjoyed this and want to do it again in the future.


Cumberland County Viaducts 20 IC

Crunchy Frog 20 IC

American Hammer 25 IC


-Great to see TPS out there hitting the tire. #he’sback

-Tclaps to Flapjack, JR and Gunny on excellent form on the tire flip.  When the tire hits the concrete, It makes a beautiful sound. BAM!

-YHC will have to remember to use a font bigger than 10pt on his winkie next time, Lots of squinting, problematic.


-NEW AO Launching 2/20 at Mendenhall Middle School, 7am.  Gilligan has the launch.  Contact Gilligan if you want to Q this AO.

-NEW Rucking AO Launching 2/27, already called NORTHERN RUCKUS, at Jesse Wharton at 7am.  Jolly Roger has the guest Q.  This will normally be at 6am to 8am starting 3/5.  ROTATING AO, the Q decides the site. YHC and Gilligan are site Qs.  We will be looking to schedule Qs soon.

-Both of these workouts are ABD on Saturday and will allow us to continue to grow and bring FNGs in. We really need to ABD on Fridays as well.

COT:  Butt Fumble eagerly took us out, Way to start us off right!

It was an honor to lead,






PAX: Gunny (School Board Candidate, District 3), DOS, JR, Buck, Hazmat, Stinky Cheese, Butt Fumble, Rhonda, Lay-Z-Boy, Hackman, Amphibious, Uga, Light Year, Wait Time, Xerox, Sacked, Snowden, Poehler, Flapjack, Bubba Gump, Bed Bug, TPS, Matlock (QIC)

QIC: Matlock