9 Pax including one FNG (welcome Spurrier!) and YHC came to the Cadet Lab to celebrate the Year of the Monkey. Lots of mumble chatter about not everyone being Chinese but hey we all get to celebrate. There were plenty of Monkey themed exercises to go around. Some early chatter about the 5 minute plank that YHC had tried at an earlier workout turned out to be psychic as it reared it’s ugly head again. Thank you Schnitzel.

Mosey around parking lot

Warm o Rama

SSH x 24 IC

Sun Gods x 16 IC (forward and reverse)

Chinooks x 16 IC (forward and reverse)

Windmills x 24 IC

Imperial Walkers x 24 IC

Copperhead squats x 24 IC

The Thang Part 1:

Merkin ladder, run to middle of parking lot 16 merkins (what I thought not sure what I called) run back to start 15 merkins, run back to middle of parking lot 14 merkins, run back to start, etc. till we are done. Plank for the six.

The Thang Part 2:

Mosey to concession area.

Do one round of exercises, run across parking lot and back, on to next round.

Round 1: 8 monkey squats, 16 situps, 24 monkey humpers

run across parking lot and back

Round 2: 8 monkey squats, 16 step ups, 24 monkey humpers

run across parking lot and back

Round 3: 8 monkey squats, 16 LBC’s, 24 monkey humpers

run across parking lot and back

Round 4: 8 monkey squats, 16 crunchy frogs, 24 monkey jumpers

Plank for the six.

Mosey back to flag.


5 minute plank

American Hammer x24

COT: Heisenberg took us out.


Various Pax are nursing injuries, such as Schnitzel. Please keep Virus in your thoughts and prayers as he undergoes several procedures for his knee. We look forward to seeing him back in the gloom soon.

Several Blue Ridge Relay teams are forming. Contact Kay in Kernersville or Kilowatt in Greensboro.

CPR class after 2/19 workout. Please sign up with J-Love via email.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. This is a great AO and I encourage all to give it a try.


PAX: 02/09/16

QIC: Everest