11 PAX posted to a post Super Bowl pounding of running and body weight exercises in honor of the Panthers.  Even though they didn’t win, we still paid our respects.  No Broncos fans identified themselves so no Omahas were allowed.

Warm A Rama (Hush Puppy – Q):

Hush Puppy led us through the Warm A Rama at the Circle area.

20 Imperial Walkers

5 burpees OYO

20 Hillbillies

5 burpees OYO

20 Windmills

5 burpees OYO

Mosey to middle of the parking lot for the Thang.

The Thang (Drizzle – Q):

Pick a partner – size doesn’t matter; convene in the parking lot.  One partner runs to the “Fitness Center” (i.e. playground) and does 5 pull ups while the other partner completes the exercise below..Alternate until last exercise (Squerkin), which is performed together.  Rinse and repeat.

P – Prayer squat

A – Alternating Shoulder Dips

N- Nolan Ryan

T – Turkish Get Up

H – Happy Jacks

E – burpEE

R – Ranger Merkins

S -Squerkin (partners complete together – some mumble chatter about this exercise “looking weird” but PAX completed 10 each

1 lap around the parking lot

Of course, Pinkman and Hushpuppy completed multiple rounds….the PAX ran anywhere from 1.6 to 2.5 miles in total.

Mary (HushPuppy and Drizze – co Q):

10 Extended plank – this was tough on the shoulders!

20 Flutter Kick

Hold it and then move directly into 20 low dolley

20 V up roll up

25 American Hammer


Bodett reminded the PAX that Stinky Cheese is doing a shoe drive, collecting used shoes by March 19.  Turn in shoes at any AO prior to 3/19/16.

Hushpuppy throwing a spring bash at his house on 4/16/16.  Follow it on GSOSpringbash on twitter.  Family friendly.  Bring an FNG.

Starting a new study based on Mere Christianity on Sunday nights at HushPuppys house on 2/21.  No meeting on Valentines Day.

Prayer for Stage Fright’s daughters.  Both are sick with stomach bug.

COT – Pinkman gave us an awesome prayer to start the week.

It was a true honor to co-Q with HushPuppy and lead the PAX today at Circle Time.  Thanks for supporting me in my V-Q



PAX: HushPuppy and Drizzle

QIC: 02/08/16