A great morning for a workout was enjoyed by 47 PAX who chose to post and benefit from all that the Cornwallis Nightmare has to offer as well as to support our very own Wait Time with his VQ. After the welcome and disclaimer we lined up in 2 lines (sort of) and did a soft mosey over to the Church Parking Lot where we circled up for the Warm-A-Rama to get the morning started.


  • Don Quixote X 15
  • Sun Gods X 15 (each direction)
  • Hillbillies X 15
  • Lucky 5’s (Diamond Merk, Reg Merk, and Wide Merk) X 5 each
  • SSH x 15
  • Peter Parker X 15

Mosey to the picnic benches and began the Thang


Session 1

Partner up in pairs.

  • Partner A in a BTTW (Balls to the Wall) and holds until Partner B finished the exercises shown below and then they switch places. Go through 4 cycles of this and on the 2nd and 4th cycle substitute the Peoples Chair in place of the BTTW
  • Partner B performs the following
    • 15 Derkins
    • 15 Dips
    • 15 Step Ups

Sugar Rays Planked and once all cycles were finished the PAX moseyed down to the Baseball Field and lined up with the same partner on the 3rd Base Line

Session 2

  • Partner A Wheelbarrow to the Cones and Open Wheel Barrow (tough exercise with lots of wonderful mumble chatter) back to 3rd base line.
  • Partner B perform the same exercise

PAX planked up until 6 was in and then as a group moseyed around the outfield warning track to the next set of strategically placed cones

Session 3

  • Started with the call for 5 Burpees (just because we needed them)
  • PAX formed up into 6 Lines equally distributed with numbers
    • Performed Plank Hurdles from the 1st base foul line all the way out to Centerfield fence and back (Should Smoker)
    • Planked for the 6

Mosey back to the 3rd base foul line by way of the Outfield warning track

Session 4

  • OYO Bear Crawl to the cones and Crab Walk back
  • Plank up for the 6

Mosey back up to the Picnic Benches

Session 5

  • Partner A performs BTTW  and holds until Partner B finished the exercises shown below and then they switch places. Go through 4 cycles of this and on the 2nd and 4th cycle substitute the Peoples Chair in place of the BTTW
  • Partner B performs the following
    • 10 Derkins
    • 10 Dips
    • 10 Step Ups
  • PAX lines up on Dip Wall and performed 76 dips single count

Mosey Back to the Shovel Flag led with high energy by Ewok (good job)


  • LSF X 20  (Gilligan)
  • LBC X 20 (Hush Puppy)
  • Box Cutter X 20 (Butt Fumble)
  • 10 Second Count (Sendek)
  • X’s and O’s  X 20 (Wicked)
  • Cindy Crawford’s X 10 each side
  • American Hammer X 20
  • 5 Burpees OYO (Thanks Wicked)


  1. A heartfelt welcome to FNG’s and now full fledge F3 men Khaki’s and MVP. Great job today and we were honored to have you post with us.
  2. Now until March 19 used running shoes donation in conjunction with Fleet Feet – Stinky Cheese on the Q for this one.
  3. Signup Sheet for March 19 Community Housing Solutions Workday – Reach out to Butt Fumble to sign up and help. Need around 15 guys for this worthy cause,
  4. Butt Fumble noted the passing of BMX Legend Dave Mirra who took his own life and encouraged the PAX to stay supportive and aware of anyone who may be in pain and reach out in advance.
  5. New workout starting on the Feb 27th (Sat) – 7:00 a.m.at Jesse Wharton led by Matlock. Ruck style workout using 20-30lb weighted backpack or vest. TClaps Matlock for stepping up.
  6. Hush Puppy leading an April 16th Spring Bash open to all PAX members, their M’s and kids, and any guest you want to bring along. More details to come. Should be an awesome time to fellowship as a larger community.
  7. 3rd F Sunday at Hush Puppy’s House will not occur this Sunday (Super Bowl) and will not occur Sunday Feb 14th (Valentines Day). Will pick back up on the 21st of Feb.
  8. Gilligan announced Davis Kelly Cup Golf Fund Raiser on March 4th at Bryan Park raising money for the Greensboro Science Center in memory of Davis who died tragically at the age of 3. Come on out and support this wonderful cause.
  9. Reminder to all PAX to get on Twitter and follow F3 Greensboro to stay fully informed
  10. Big TClaps to Wait Time for leading us like a seasoned Q this morning – Great Job

COT – Wait Time – took us out with thanks for the Natville Family of men and the support and help we give each other.

It was an honor and privilege to lead such a fantastic group of men this morning.


Wait Time and Sacked

PAX: Tommy Boy, Quicken, Big Mitt, Bulldog, Cataract, Bubba Gump, Hush Puppy, Hootie, Norwood, Xerox, Gilligan, Spam, Wildcat, MVP (FNG – Will Plasman), Cavity, Flapjack, Virus, Scooby Doo, Birds Nest, Stage Fright, Houlihan, Khaki’s (FNG – Jack Joyner), Chips, Tea Party, On Time, Buzz (WD), Sir Isaac, Sugar Cake, Wicked, Poehler, Viagra, Butt Fumble, Sticky, Ewok (WB), Sendek, Stinky Cheese, Bed Bug, Ozone, Stretch, Estrogen, Everest, Shank, Man Eater, Amphibious, Sacked, QIC – Wait Time

QIC: Wait Time