19 PAX posted to a strength, speed and agility beatdown that is commonly used by the #soccerarms crowd.  YHC doesn’t understand why the PAX were so gassed afterwards, but here is what we accompished.


Weight carry to the north end of the track

100 yard Mozy across the soccer field to the south end of the track


Copperhead squat 25 IC

Sun gods 15 IC forward, 15 IC reverse

Hammy Scoop 20 IC

100 yd Mozy Back to the North end of the track to the dumbell circuit.


The PAX performed four curcuits in three sets.

Curcuit 1:  Dumbells: 60 sec per exercise

Curcuit 2: HIT THE BOX: 50 percent run to the middle of the soccer field, speed box (six cones, sprint 15 yards, side shuffle 5 yards, backwards sprint 15 yards, side shuffle 5 yards, forwards sprint 15 yards), then 75 percent run to the south end of the track

Curcuit 3: 20/7s YHC called out exercises performed IC

Curcuit 4:  HIT THE BOX back to the dumbell station.

The PAX completed 3 complete sets:

Set 1: 

Dumbells: Goblet squat, Overhead press, Outward Bicep curl

Hit the box

Crab cakes 20 IC/merkins 7 IC

Hit the box

Set 2:

Dumbells: Standing row, Tricep curl, Kettlebell Swing

Hit the box

20 Jump lunges/ werkins 7 IC

HIt the Box

Set 3:

Dumbells: Lawn mowers, Ric flairs, T-Bar Merkins

Hit the Box

20 Turkish Get-ups/ Dive-bomber Merkins 7 IC

50 yard jog to cone/50 sprint to dumbell station


Peoples Chair: hold 30 sec

Freddie Mercury 25 IC

High Dolly 25 IC

Crunchy Frog 20 IC

5 Six Kicks:  Something new, kinda like break dancing, start in plank position, rotate out and kick to bottom left, back to plank, rotate out to kick bottom right, back to plank, rotate out to kick side left, black to plank, rotate to kick side right, back to plank, rotate to kick front left, back to plank, rotate to kick front right, back to plank, ONE! (CJ loved this one)


-Tclaps to Boone’s Farm who pushed through this beatdown with a sore achilles.  Be careful with that and listen to Longtime. He knows what he’s doing!

-Missed Bodett today, we had to go open the side gate ourselves. #reconnaissanceman


-Stinky Cheese is organizing a Shoe Drop a Fleet Feet, drop shoes at AOs or at Fleet Fleet on Lawndale

-CPR training 2/19 after Uptown Funk/Derailleur, email J-Love to sign up.

-Yeti is making breafast burritos for the homeless at his house 2/19; all are welcome to attend.

-Butt Fumble needs guys to step up and help with feeding the homeless at Grace Community Church this month and in March

-Pray for the family of Snookies friend who passed away from colon cancer. And if you are 40 or older (which is 90 percent of you) please get your colonoscopy! Dont wait unitl you are 60 and it’s too late…

-New AO launching 2/27, Northern Ruckus.  A rotating AO, first one will be at Jesse Wharton at 7AM with guest Q, Jolly Rodger, from Isotope.  After that 6am-8am, AO will be decision of the Q.

COT:  Snookie took us out with a tremendous prayer.

Yeti posted that YHC would have a closing argument, so YHC closes with this:


  1.  See failure as a beginning, not an end.
  2. If you don’t go after it, you won’t have it.
  3. Always do more than is expected of you.
  4. Teach others what you know.
  5. Assume nothing and question everything.
  6. Make peace with the past or you’ll pay for it.
  7. Stop thinking so much and stop acting
  8. Never compare yourself to others.



PAX: 351

QIC: Snookie, CJ, Heisenberg, Nomad, Stinky Cheese, Yeti, Long Time, Boones Farm, War Damn Eagle, Avacado, Everest, Drizzle, Double Check, Scooby Doo, Brown Noser, Bed Bug, Jitterbug, Sendek, Matlock (QIC)