39 faithful and 4 FNGs (total = 43) posted to the downtown #Natville gloom to see if YHCs Kilowatt and Daphne could in fact find the Uptown Funk AO.  Indeed they did.  After a lengthy absence from the Funktivities, YHC took a deep breath and the #beatdown began.

Warning: This backblast contains material that may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.  Here we go…

Double file mosey from Church St deck to Bellmeade deck.  Kilowatt breaks right, Daphne breaks left.



Sun Gods X15 F/R IC

Copperhead Squats X20 IC

Mosey to Bellmeade deck for…

The Thang

“M”ega “BALLS” (which is what it takes to complete this #snotwoggler)

Split into 3 man teams.  Begin by carrying one (1) of the three (3) team members up the ramp to the 2nd floor where pax begin to complete the exercises below as a team (i.e., cumulative count).  Sprint across the flats and carry up the ramps (switching out at each floor who is carried).

  • 2nd Fl    100 Merkins
  • 3rd Fl     100 Burpees
  • 4th Fl     100 Air claps
  • 5th Fl     100 LBC’s
  • 6th Fl     100 Lunges
  • 7th Fl     100 Squats

When the resident hero’s & #SugarRays finished, they were afforded the opportunity to find the 6 and finish the remainder of the exercises with them.  When 6 was in, gather for on the roof for…



High Dolly X25 IC

Freddie Mercury X20 IC

American Hammer X25 IC

Double file mosey (sort of) back to Church St deck for COT.

COT: Daphne took us out.


  • Welcome former FNGs: Gopher, Cork, Ding Dong, & Splinter!  Great job on your first post this morning & hope to see you in the gloom again soon.
  • #Tclaps Daphne for planning this workout.  It looked good on paper and it delivered in the field.  Aye!
  • #Tclaps LightYear and Hazmat.  YHC enjoyed partnering up with you this morning.
  • #Tclaps Prophet. YHC noted relative ease with which he completed this workout..Not even a glisten or sheen of sweat. This brother is a force to be reckoned with.
  • YHC notes that under the steady hand of Quicken, this workout and AO has become a beast.  Uptown Funk is not for the faint of heart.  Aye!


CPR Training at Cone, Feb 19th – After Uptown Funk and Derailleur: (Q = Tammy / J-Love) This is a short “Hands Only” CPR and AED instruction session, so there shouldn’t be a concern about partnering up for this training.  The price is right.  It’s free. #Tclaps Tammy for stepping up  and making this event happen.  Contact J-Love for signup info.

Men’s Shelter – Grace community Church, Feb 21: (Q = Butt Fumble) The Feb date is covered, but dates are available in March to help serve a meal on a Sunday evening.  Contact Butt Fumble for details.

Community Housing Solution, Mar 19: (Q = Butt Fumble).  Three (3) pax have expressed interest in helping out. 15-20 pax are needed for this event. Note that this is a full day commitment to help those in need.  Project may be a handicap ramp, upfit in a home, etc.  No construction or carpentry skills required…just bring a strong back and a willing heart.  2.0s (> 14 years old) are welcome to help out.  Keep an eye on Butt Fumble’s weekly email.  Contact him directly for more info & details.

New Ruck Workout – Starting Sat., Feb 27 @ Jesse Wharton Elementary, 7am launch: (Site Q = Matlock)  The workout will launch with guest Qs from the Mothership.  Recommended gear is a weighted backpack (20-30 lbs).  Suggested that you start with 20 lbs – no more.  Keep your eye on the Twitter for more info from Matlock.

Blue Ridge Relay (BRR), Sept 9-10:  Currently, there are two (2) complete #Natville teams (Qs = Kilowatt, Hushpuppy). Interest in a third team is already building, and considering the pax conspicuously absent from the rosters should be a definite possibility. More BRR info is available here: http://f3nation.com/2016/02/01/natville-2016-blue-ridge-relay-preblast/. If you regularly post and can run a 10k – even slowly – you can be comfortable on a 12 man team.  If you’re not confident that you’re ready now, keep posting.  You’ll be ready by September.  Contact Kilowatt via Direct Message on the Twitter if you’re interested.

#Tclaps Quicken for the opportunity to lead this morning.  It’s always an honor.  btw… The AO isn’t that hard to find.


Daphne & Kilowatt

PAX: School Board Candidate District 3 …Gunny, Gopher (FNG – Jody Gordon), Hushpuppy, Woody, Gilligan, Splinter (FNG – Buster Montgomery), Petrified, LYnda, Cork (FNG – Jim Lorenz), Yo Adrian, Snowden, Birdsnest, Tea Party, Gold Digger, Cecil, Sticky, Lightyear, Rooster, Butt Fumble, Pinkman, Elsa, Bartman, Xerox, Prophet, Hoser, Cheesy Poof, Buck, JR, Defib, Ashley, DOS, Hazmat, Tammy, Tebow, Wilson, Bubba Gump, J-Love, Danica, Quicken, Jordache, XXX (FNG – Steve Triano), Daphne (QIC), Kilowat (QIC)

QIC: Daphne, Kilowatt