13 PAX gathered in the Oak Ridge gloom for some scientific experimentation at the Lab.  No white coats found here, just compresssion socks, F3 emblazened gear and some piss and vinegar among all those present.  As we learned in middle school there are 5 parts to the scientific experiment…  1.Make an Observation 2. Develop a Hypothesis 3. Make an Experiment 4. Analyze Results and 5. Draw Conclusions…  So here’s how it went down using the textbook scientific method

  1. Make Observations – PAX enthusiastic and eager to whip it on as we gathered minutes before our launch

2. Develop Hypothesis (aka Warm-o-Rama) – Mozy from lower parking lot around fields to the concession building in center of park to get warmed up.

20 – Double Wide Merkins

20 Squat Chinooks

20 Chilly Planks – In elbow plank position execute Plank Jacks

Sun Gods – 20 Forward / 20 Reverse

30 Crab Cakes

20 Box Cutters

3. Make an Experiment (aka The Thang) – Partners off into 2’s to start the the BLIMPS

Burpees – 15

Lunges – 25

Imperial Walkers – 30

Merkins – 40

Plank Jacks – 50

Squats – 60

Patners attacked the Thang as a team but each were responsible for their own total number of repetitions while other partner sprinted around concession area and back to start line in parking lot. #IronSharpensIron #StrongerIn Community…   Rinsed an repeated 2x and some of those K-Vegas PAX made it to 3rd round #SugarRays…  By my count, we ended up netting 2 miles so Bravo to all for your grit out there.  Serious effort by all.

As extra credit for science project PAX lined up to conduct a Bear Crawl and Crab Walk race across parking lot and back to start line.

Announcements – Nails asks we keep Genome in thought and prayer on the passing of his mother

4. and 5. (Analyze results and draw conclusions) – TClaps to Heisenberg for kick starting this AO. My honor and privilege to work along side all of you.  K-Vegas must be a Sugar Ray incubator. They brought it!  this AO has much to offer.  Encourage all to experience it.

Announcements – Nails reminds us to keep Genome (Stewart Holt) in thought and prayer on the passing of his mother




PAX: Gunny

QIC: 2/2/16