Six Pax overcame the rain-induced fartsack to join YHC in front of the Downtown Wilmington Hilton on a rainy but warm (63 degrees) morning.  Three of the six just crushed the 50K Ultra on Saturday so there are studs among us.  Let’s get soaked!

The Thang:

If you can’t beat the rain, join it.  We mosey (wave at the cop on Front Street) to Epo’s water garden at 2nd and Market for warm ups by the fountains including SSH, Hillbillies and Windmills.  Nemo goes back to look for Barney Fife who got off to a late start.

Now that we are all here, let’s head up to the new Cape Fear Museum park at 8th and Market stopping at each block for 5 Jump Squats, 10 Merkins and 20 LBCs.  Once there, partner up for Dora 1-2-3 with 100 dips, 200 flutter kicks and 300 squats per team.  FNG Wabash takes a tumble, comes up with a bloody knee but keeps on kicking.  Finish our visit to the park with a Wheel of Merkin (6 each).









Mosey back to 4th and market for a Heisenberg tradition…one minute of Balls to the Wall.  Not to be outdone by an FNG, Nemo finishes this one with a bloody knee of his own.

Mosey back to the library parking deck for a couple of sprints.  Everyone remains upright.

Return to the bottom of the parking deck by the Hilton for 3 minutes of Mary which consisted of American Hammers, Supermans and Hello Dollies.


Thankful to those who attended today and for F3 Wilmington. Thanks to those protecting our freedoms. Prayers for LETC’s wife and Sloppy Joe’s follow up appointment.

Have you heard of the Blue Ridge Relay coming up in September? If not, I would love to motivate and inspire you to participate.


Great to have Ozone from Greensboro join us for a second day in a row.  Welcome back Sneaky Pete and thanks for bringing FNG Wabash into the pax.  Strong work and motivation as always by Hasselhoff , Nemo and Barney Fife. Great work fellas!  Now where are the bandaids and antibiotic ointment?

Runnin’ Down a Dream, Heisenberg

PAX: 379

QIC: 02/04/2016