14 Natville Pax with some new faces made it out in the gloom this morning to take the “Murph” Challenge -So cool to be improving each week with a group of men committed to living a strong life! Strong physically to carry out acts of courage and manliness (#sometimesyougottofight) like those on display daily when we encounter evil, injustices against those that cannot defend themselves, inappropriate behaviors etc,. Strong emotional intelligence that is illustrated by how we treat others and embrace truth and righteousness, and most importantly, Strong in our faith! This type of strength is forged by the belief and fundamental truth that there exists a loving and holy God that gave his only son for us to live in awesome relationship with him! This is the true source of our power and strength and this is what the “Murph” workout represents and is embodied by the life of Lt. Michael P. Murphy, Team Leader, Seal Team 1 who gave his life for our freedom June 28th 2005 Kunar Province Afgahnistan in an amazing act of valor and selflessness! Lt. Murphy treated others as himself and for that we are forever grateful – Praise God- Amen!

Here is how we honored Lt. Murphy this morning:

Two miles of running , 0.2 miles at a time between fitness centers! 10 sets of the following, 10 pull-ups, 20 Merkins, 30 Squats, 40 Core Reps ( Dealers Choice – Pax led) This week we introduced the new challenge for those regularly getting ten pull-ups over 10 sets, we are pushing to move to 15 reps / set.

Great Work- Wicked



Hush Puppy Party – All Pax and family with FNG’s welcome! Dates and I for to follow…. Recording cut my memory off.

Reminder that Longtime 3rd F Q – moved to 6:40-7:10 to allow more time for those interested in attending to get there!

Tonight 2nd F – Red Cinemas Pax is going to see 13hours at 7pm. Bring an FNG!

Heart Walk – For those that are currently doing the “Murph” please consider joining my team Saturday May 21st – Walk begins at 9am…it’s going to be a blast!






PAX: Wicked

QIC: 02/04/16