The above video clip is provided for your back-blast review enjoyment.. You may also note that YHC has been absent from Slammin Sammy’s for a long, long time (#punnyhaha).

BIG T-Claps up-front to Rooster for nailing his Co-VQ!!!  Off to a great start, brother!!!  (That’s him on video pics with the handlebar moustache).  He was ready…

At 0530 sharp, Rooster crowed his welcome and disclaimer for 35 eager PAX was followed by 5-minute mosey to…


  • SSH x20
  • HIllbillies x20
  • Merkins x20
  • Superbowl Squat Jumps x20
  • Sun Gods x15/15
  • Hammer Time x5 (5-count pitter patter w/ burpee finish – #FootballFlashback)
  • A lil’ Long Time mosey back to big lot for…


  • Circle Up for 20 Merkins with a PLUS – a.k.a. Serratus Push-Up
  • In Groups of 6, the PAX punched out BLIMPS in-cadence opposite 20 Mountain Climbers across the parking lot between each segment.  Awesome job guys!
    • B – burpees (10)
    • L – lunges (20)
    • I – imperial walkers (30)
    • M – merkins (20)
    • P – plankjacks (30)
    • S – squats (40)
  • Re-grouped the larger PAX with 20 Alabama Prom Dates in-cadence (Demonstration Classified) before returning to BB court for…

6 MOM:

  • Plank, Plank, Goose (PAX planked in circle while 1-2-3 guys raced around Ring Of Fire #LookedGoodOnPaper)
  • 30 Super Man
  • 20 Freddie Mercuries
  • 25 American Hammer #LetFreedomRing
  • 20 Bird Dog #Crowdpleaser
  • 25 Low Slow Flutter (“What’s this one called?”)

COT – Rooster took us out on a high note!


  • It was a pleasure to host Rooster’s VQ as co-Q!  F3 vets please consider grabbing a new guy to join you as Co-Q to #GiveItAway!  Rooster set a great example today of stepping up!  As Fannie said “You don’t even have to know names of the exercises!” #FriendlyCrowd
    • On that note, Hush Puppy has Q at Circle Time next Monday and calling any regular attender or Q-School grad to join him!  Give him a shout – he’s on roster or twitter @f3hushpuppy!
  • Some PAX held true to form despite Omaha and actually bear crawled / crab walked / side-shuffled / lunge walked between BLIMPS and Mountain Climbers during The Thang.  Great job guys!
  • Big Mitt apparently prayed his way out of a ticket this morning en-route to the AO!  Got off with a warning, which has NEVER happened to YHC (and I’ve had more than my share…).  Thinking that all serious prayer requests from hereon should go to Big Mitt, as the Lord seems especially responsive to his requests!  James 5:16b
  • The PAX did a great job of working with minimal Q set-up this morning.  No cones and few lights to mark the AO, yet we made order and had a great workout!  T-claps guys!


  • Big Mitt reminder of Tuesday’s F3 activities: Shakeweight and Irving Park 1st F could use more guys, also Birds Nest 3rd F at Search office on Pembroke is strong bible study.  Study notes soon to be available for any interested PAX.  Stay tuned…
  • YHC hosting #Thursdays3rdF tomorrow 640-710 due to the Murph running to 6:30.  Starskies welcome (i.e., even if you haven’t posted to workout!).  We’re reading the book Margin by Richard Swensen, but reading not required to join the convo!  Green Joe’s Coffee at 2915 Battleground Ave
  • Phoenix has Q at Starmount Stampede tomorrow.  If you survived today’s mosey, you can join the Stampede!  Launch at same location, 530 sharp
  • Keep eyes open for Rooster’s VQ Solo Flight… coming soon!

A profound honor to lead at Slammin Sammy’s Smackdown!!!   Won’t soon forget today’s experience in the sense of Boston’s Greatest Hit dropped in 1977… AYE!

Long Time

PAX: Chaps, Footloose, Chia, Tammy, HushPuppy, Ugga, Prophet, Big Mitt, Freud, Cummings, Earl, Tebow, Cheesy Poof, Lynda, Refi, Guinness, Leverage, Birds Nest, Fletch (WD), Outhouse, Wilma, Hydro, 3-for-1, Elsa, HUD, Shuttlecock, Avocado, War Damn Eagle, Tesla, Royale (WB), Danica, .edu, Fannie, Long Time (co-Q), Rooster (co-Q)

QIC: 377